Beijing City University

Why Study at Beijing City University, China

Beijing City University was founded in 1984; Its predecessor was Haidian Colleage. In 2011, it became the first group of private universities with master's degree in mainland China. As of June 2015, the school has four major campuses: Zhongguancun Campus, Space City Campus, University City Campus and Shunyi Yangzhen Campus. The school covers an area of about 1,250 mu, with a total value of 230 million yuan for teaching equipment; and the school has more than 2.15 million books in its library. It has more than 100 experimental training rooms and set up  more than 100 specialties such as science and technology, grammar, finance, art, foreign language, management, medicine and other disciplines; There are more than 1700 teaching staff, over 22,000 full-time students.

Beijing City University was founded in 1984. In 1996, the State Education Commission commissioned a pilot higher vocational education, the school was awarded and praised by the State Council; In 2003, the Ministry of Education decided to abolish the establishment of Haidian University, and set up Beijing City College on the basis of Haidian University. In 2011, it became the first group of private colleges and universities with master's degree in mainland China. In October 2011, the degree Committee of the State Council approved the development of postgraduate education at the university.
(2)Discipline and programs
Beijing City University has 9 teaching departments which are respectively are  Department of Public Management, Department of Economic Management, Department of International language and Culture, Department of International Studies, Department of Art, Department of Biomedicine, Department of Urban Construction, Department of Informatics, Department of Performing Arts covering 83 majors like Engineering, Grammar, Finance, Art, Foreign languages, Management, Medicine, etc. The university has 4 key majors at the municipal level, 2 excellent courses at the municipal level, and 1 demonstration center for experimental teaching at the municipal level in Beijing.
(3)Academic facilities and Scientific research 
Beijing City University has more than 1700 teaching staff, over 22,000 full-time students.the school has more than 2.15 million books in its library. It has more than 100 experimental training rooms and centers. The school has a research base for urban environmental construction in the capital city and a research center for petition and urban development in China. The Capital Institute of Urban Governance and Comprehensive Law Enforcement (established in cooperation with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement), the city think tank (urbanization Research Institute), the Beijing Social Organization Service Evaluation Center and other scientific research institutions.
(4)Beijing City University Achievement
According to the data from official website of the school in June 2015, the teachers of the school are responsible for more than 100 scientific research projects and educational reform projects at all levels, and researchers and projects have won more than 10 awards at the national level and the provincial and ministerial levels. Teachers have participated in more than 200 national and provincial scientific research projects, more than 200 horizontal projects, more than 150 monographs of teaching materials, more than 1200 high-level papers, among which more than 100 are included in three indexes, such as EI, and have won national and Beijing awards many times.
(5)Communication and international cooperation
According to the school's official website in June 2015, the university has cooperated with more than 20 countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Morocco, Argentina, Singapore, Italy, San Marino, Hungary and Serbia, as well as universities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It has established academic exchanges and cooperative relations with them for several years, thus Beijing City University has a long history of international exchange.
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