Chengdu Neusoft University

Why Study at Chengdu Neusoft University, China

Chengdu Neusoft University, founded and organized by Neusoft Holdings, is one of the full-time undergraduate institutions approved by the Ministry of Education. CNU runs its education programs with a main focus on engineering and a minor in management and arts. Besides, CNU is also the State Cultivation Base of IT Talents, China Torch Program Chengdu Digital Entertainment Industry (Talent Training) Park and China Digital Media Industry (Talent Training) Park.

Chengdu Neusoft University is located in the World Cultural Heritage—scenic spot of Dujiangyan and Qingcheng Mountain, Chengdu, and covers an area of nearly 400 thousand square meters with a floor area of 190 thousand square meters. Currently, more than 10,000 students are studying in our university. With the perfect combination of science and technology, nature and culture, the campus in the style of western Sichuan garden provides a good learning environment for students at home and abroad. 
(2)Discipline and programs
Department of Computer Science and Technology is committed to developing qualified talents with an excellent command of knowledge in computer software, embedded systems, networks, software testing and project management. Students can engage in software design and development, computer network application development and management. Department of Information Technology and Business Management is committed to developing qualified graduates with the in-depth knowledge of information technology and business solutions. In addition, this department provides its students with the ability to apply and implement business management, information systems and website administration. Department of Fundamental Courses serve the students’ career. By sticking to the integration mode of “teaching, learning and practicing” and creating new teaching contents and approaches, it integrate character education into the entire teaching system so as to construct and improve the curricular system of basic courses.
(3)Academic facilities and Scientific research
Chengdu Neusoft University has established six lab series as embedded system, network engineering, software engineering, animation, multimedia and ERP, including 25 advanced professional laboratories, involving the fields of motion capture, information security, TV broadcast, business photograph, Trax editor, network and logistics, etc. With the aid of well-equipped labs, students can have access to field or practical trainings on software engineering, computer science and technology, network engineering, e-commerce, digital multimedia, animation and comics as well.
(4)Chengdu Neusoft University Achievements
Since its establishment, the schools have won 2 teaching achievement awards at the provincial level or above, and the network engineering experimental teaching center has been approved to become a provincial experimental teaching demonstration center in colleges and universities. Among the existing undergraduate majors, there are 3 provincial comprehensive reform pilot majors, 3 provincial-level excellent engineers training programs, 4 provincial key specialties and 3 applied demonstration majors in provincial ordinary undergraduate universities. In 2016 and 2017, the 4 key characteristic majors of the university won the first and second place respectively in the comprehensive evaluation of the promotion plan of key characteristic majors of provincial non-governmental colleges and universities.
(5)Communication and international cooperation
International Office is the department that international students contact with when they arrive. The staff will help students to solve all kinds of problems and difficulties that they meet during their stay. There are a lot of international student programs such as students-exchange program, short-team training, Chinese learning and culture experience and summer camp, etc. We also provide customized program for international students. So far, we had established a long friend relationship with many universities and companies.
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