Sanming University

Why Study at Sanming University, China

Sanming University, founded in May 2004, is an ordinary public institution for higher education, and a provincial university registered in the State Ministry of Education. The school is run under a management system in which provincial and municipal governments jointly sponsor the construction of the university while the municipality plays a major part. Sanming University has successfully passed undergraduate teaching assessment sponsored by National Ministry of Education in June, 2012. 


The history of Sanming University can be traced back to the year of 1903 when Chen Baochen, teacher of the last Chinese emperor Puyi, first established Fujian Teachers’ School which is honored the Cradle of Teachers in Fujian.The campus covers an area of 67.47 hectares with various constructions covering 301,300 square meters including 142,800 square meters of teaching and administration floor space and 119,100 square meters of student apartments. Its library holds 1,386,900 volumes (including 567,100 electronic volumes). The teaching instruments and equipments are worth 79,512,200 CNY.

(2)Discipline and programs

Sanming University has now established 15 schools (or departments), 31 bachelor's degree program and 3 provincial key discipline. The university is one of the five universities qualified by the Fujian Provincial Education Department in 2010 to run the joint programs with institutions in Taiwan. It has up to now forged friendly and productive ties with 10 colleges and universities in Taiwan such as China University of Technology, advancing the Fujian-Taiwan connection in more areas. 

(3)Academic facilities and Scientific research 

The predecessor of Sanming University is Sanming College composed of Sanming Teacher Training Academy, Sanming Vocational College and Sanming Teacher’s College in October 2000. The university has 923 staffs including 49 professors, 192 associate professors and 243 lecturers. The faculty is composed of over 593 full-time teachers of whom 60.87% have got Master’s degree or higher and 40.64% are professors. There are 4 provincial outstanding teachers. The university has almost 14000 full-time students. 

(4)Sanming University Achievement

Following the motto “sound in morality and broad in researches”, the university makes every effort to create sound atmosphere and promote vibrant school spirit which inspires a group of excellent professors and students, including Professor Cao Yunlu, the model teacher of Fujian Province and one of the ten characters moving the people of Fujian; Cao Yangfeiyu, the national moral model for being a devoted son; Guo Yuanjing and You Genglin, the two instructors in Sanming University nominated in the Person of the year award for college instructors and two students Gao Haofeng and Su Chunxiang honored as self-improvement stars .etc.

Recently, the university has won a lot of honor titles such as National Advanced Unit in the Construction of Spiritual Civilization, National Verdurization Advanced Group, National Verdurization Model Unit, National Youth League Committee, School of Civilization in Fujian province and Advanced University for Enhancing Security and Stability.  


(5)Communication and international cooperation 

Sanming University has developed a collaborative relationship with Delaware State University in US, University of South Australia, Australian Technical & Management College, Nagasaki Wesleyan University, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University in Ukraine, and East Asian Culture Academy in Korea.


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