Yancheng Teachers University

Why Study at Yancheng Teachers University, China

Yancheng Teachers University, founded in 1958, is an advanced normal university of Jiangsu Province and it is located in Yancheng which is a coastal city in the northeast of Jiangsu Province. Yancheng Teachers University has two campuses which are Tongyu and Xinchang Campus respectively. It is authorized to offer undergraduate degree and is devoted  to creating an attractive academic and research environment, which aims to foster more talents for the world. The university is equipped with modern teaching facilities and excellent teaching staff, which can ensure the teaching quality and effect. Meanwhile, the campus provides high living standard for the students and then they can study in a comfortable environment.
In 1958,  Yancheng Normal College was founded while it was closed down in 1963. It was  rebuilt in 1978. Meanwhile, the predecessor of Yancheng Education College was founded in 1959 which also experienced a series of change later. In 1999, Yancheng Normal College and Yancheng Education College were merged into  Yancheng Teachers University. In 2002, Yancheng Commercial School, which was also founded in 1958 and a key technical secondary school, was also merged into Yancheng Teachers University.The undergraduate teaching standard of the university was considered as qualified through the assessment of Ministry of Education in December, 2007. Then in 2018, it was elected to be the research and practical program of “New Engineering Course”  which was approved by Ministry of Education.
(2)Discipline and programs
At present, the total number of the full-time undergraduate students of Yancheng Teachers University is about 21,000 and  there are 17 secondary colleges in the university, including Arts,Law and Politics, Marxism, Public Management, Foreign Language, Music, Art and Design, Educational Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Electronic Engineering, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Marine and Biological Engineering,Pharmacy, City and Planning, Physical Education, Information Engineering and Business. The number of the programs set by the university is 77, which covers 17 majors of normal category and 63 majors of non-normal category. The teaching and administrative staff is over 1500 and the the staff with advanced level is over 500, with more than 300 doctors.
(3)Academic facilities and Scientific research
Yancheng Teachers University  occupies about 247 acres of area and is located in Yancheng which is a coastal city of Jiangsu Province. The university consists of 2 campuses, Tongyu Campus and Xinchang Campus. As for both campuses, convenient transportation is available. Students can choose different modes of transportation according to their own preference. In addition, Yancheng is equipped with its own airport, namely Yancheng Nanyang Airport, which is more convenient for the international students.  It takes less than 30 minutes from both campuses to the airport. With 21,000 students, the university is devoted to upgrading the hardware facilities of the campus, which is of great importance to the studying of the students, so both campuses are well equipped with teaching buildings, library,canteens and dormitory. Apart from hardware facilities, the university also attaches importance to the teaching staff, which can ensure the teaching quality and learning effect.
Yancheng Teachers University possesses 3 construction sites of national-level characteristic specialty , 2 national-level comprehensive reform pilot majors, 1 national-level off-campus practical education base of  college students, 4 provincial-level brand majors, 5 provincial-level characteristic majors, 7 provincial-level key majors (classes), 12 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers. It is the training base of the national-level teachers and the training pilot of provincial-level excellent teachers and engineers. In addition, it is also  experimental base of talent training mode and the provincial training base of outsourcing personnel of international service. The university is the first pilot school in China to receive the overall accreditation of secondary education. In August 2019, 12majors of secondary school education were reassessed through the Ministry of education professional certification.

(4)Yancheng Teachers University Achievement
The university possesses 9 categories of disciplines, such as economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history,engineering,management and art. It is also equipped with 3 provincial-level key laboratories , 1 provincial-level philosophic and social research base, 2 provincial-level research base of policy-making consultation, 1 provincial-level engineering laboratory and so on.  In the recent five years, the university undertakes 252 programs above provincial and ministerial level ,among which the number of national-level programs is 110. In this respect, Yancheng Teachers University is more excellent than other universities of the same level. In addition, the university is also awarded a variety of prizes, including the prize of national-level teaching achievement, the prize of scientific research achievement among universities, the prize of science and technology in Jiangsu  and so on. 
(5)Communication and international cooperation
With the globalization developing rapidly, the university carries on a series of extensive communication and cooperation with about 74 colleges and universities in different countries or districts, including Britain, Korea, France, Australia and Taiwan. Yancheng Teachers University  builds friendly mutual relationships with them and then establishes the program of joint school-running of China and foreign countries. Meanwhile, the credits obtained by the students are recognized by those cooperative universities. These universities can also confer the degree on the students who are studying in the cooperative universities. In addition, Yancheng Teachers University are cooperating with Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing University of Technology, Hohai University and Tianjin Normal University to foster postgraduates.
As for foreign students, the university provides English-medium courses and we ensure they can obtain excellent studying and living conditions in Yancheng Teachers University.

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