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Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine owns 2 affiliated hospitals of the provincial level, 1 TCM clinic and 1 hospital specialized in the combination of Chinese and Western medicine: The 1st Affiliated Hospital (The Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine), The 2nd Affiliated Hospital (The Hospital of Acupuncture & Tuina), The Affiliated Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine and The Affiliated Neurological Hospital. The 1st Affiliated Hospital is a first class comprehensive hospital of the third grade. It commits to the important task of medicine health care, teaching, research, and disease prevention, developing into the cradle for clinical medicine talents training; the clinical research base of Chinese medicine; and the designated provincial medical institution for cadre’s health care. The Second Affiliated Hospital is the first provincial specialty hospital in China to set up acupuncture as the main means of treatment and was approved by the Ministry of Health as the first-class Chinese medicine specialty hospital of third grade.

The 1st Affiliated Hospital (The Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
The 1st Affiliated Hospital is located in the eastern Hefei, Anhui Province. Hefei sits by the Xin’an River and is the hometown of Hua Tuo, a renowned physician during the Eastern Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of China. Through the relentless pursuit by several generations over 50 years, the hospital sees a magnificent chapter in its development today, becoming a first class comprehensive hospital of the third grade.
The Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine covers an area of 66,000 square meters; construction area of 73,000 square meters; the preparation of 1000 beds; nearly 300,000,000 CNY in fixed asset; 1125 employees including 220 of whom with senior professional titles; 60 supervisors of PhD and Master’s students; 100 PhD and Master’s graduates; 12 national and provincial famous Chinese medicine doctors; 5 Jiang Huai famous Chinese medicine doctors; 6 provincial academic and technical leader; 17 academic leaders and teachers by the provincial education department and the Department of Health; 15 hospital famous and specialty doctors; 17 young and middle-aged outstanding academic leaders. It sets up 20 primary clinical subjects; 12 secondary clinical subjects; 13 medical technology sections; 15 clinical teaching and research sections; 11 treatment service centers including Shu Guan clinic department, nature therapy centre, medical inspection centre, and famous doctors hall; 52 special clinic departments. It has 11 state-level and provincial-level key disciplines and specialties; 1 third-grade laboratory and 1 key laboratory by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine; 8 clinical subjects with the right to grand a master's degree.
The 1st Affiliated Hospital now possesses nearly 1 billion worth of medical equipment including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Multi-slice Spiral CT, DSA, Color Ultrasonic, Full-automatic Biochemical Analyzer, Blood Dialysis Machines, Cobalt 60, the Hyperbaric Oxygen Hamper, In Vitro Rock Broken Machine and Brian Color Ultrasonic (TCD), and so on. The key subjects laboratories has sections of immunology, high performance liquid, pharmacology, hemorheology, and animal behavior research, equipped with 200 million worth of experimental devices like PCR Gene Amplification Device, High-performance Liquid Analyzer and so on.
The hospital has received many awards at provincial level and was named “provincial trusted hospital”. It had been awarded the honorary title of “National Health System Advanced Collective”. At present, the hospital is speedily developing with harmony and innovation.
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