Beijing Hospitality Institute

Why Study at Beijing Hospitality Institute, China

Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI) was established in May 2008 after being approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE), China. Academically, BHI is supported by Beijing International Studies University. BHI offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management programme of study, with the academic certification of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). EHL designed the academic curriculum of BHI, which was approved by MOE, China.

(1) History 

Beijing Hospitality Institute is an education exchange and cooperation project of Chinese and Sweden governments, and is an average high educational leveled institute which is established by Beijing Xingpai Group cooperating with Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute, Beijing Capital Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Beijing R&F Real Estate Co., Ltd., Switzerland Lausanne Hotel Management Institute Beijing Hospitality Institute and is characterized in teaching in hotel management major. The Institute was approved in May, 2008 by Education Department, it is the only one full-time regular hotel management college approved by Education Department and recruiting throughout the country, and is the only strategic cooperation partner of Luosang Beijing Hospitality Institute in China honored in the international world.

With advanced school-running concept and open internationalize vision, Beijing Hospitality Institute put stress on cultivating the practical operation ability and application academic study ability of the students, closely relied on related enterprise to develop cooperative school-running and explore the management mode and operational mechanism of cooperative school-running between the university and the enterprise, and cultivated middle and high level internationalized application type talents, who have leadership, organization ability, operation ability and application study ability, team cooperation consciousness and devotion spirit, can adapt to new environment and challenge and also has multi-culture consciousness and open mind.

(2) Discipline and programs

The programs and disciplines from  BHI follows the educational philosophy of  Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne  which is balance of the science and the art of learning: meaning, theoretical study complemented by practical, hands-on work; leadership and management courses complemented by vocational skills of the hospitality trade; and cultural and emotional development in the areas of teamwork, adaptability and diversity. BHI has undergraduate program, in the disciplines of Hospitality Management, Hotel Business, and Physical education.  BHI aims to provide students a solid knowledge based on rich practical experience and enthusiasm.

(3) Academic facilities , professional trainings and research 

Beijing Hospitality Institute emphasize on students' capacity-building by optimizing curriculum setting. BHI has 34 full-time teachers of the Hospitality Management Department, 20 have significant practical experience in hotel management at a senior level, 74 teachers at BHI hold postgraduate degrees, 8 of which are doctoral degrees. Twenty teachers are international teachers or have studied or worked overseas.

BHI Programs emphasize practical teaching and capacity building. BHI practical courses account for 40% of the overall hospitality management courses. Students are required to take two internships in hotels during the third and sixth semesters, each for half a year and worth 9 credits. These internships can help students enter a "quasi-work" state. 

(4) Beijing Hospitality Institute Achievement

Institute emphasizing on practical learning, BHI pays more attention to passing on the latest information about product innovation, means of marketing and management research in the hospitality industry.BHI management endeavors to create the atmosphere of "A school is also a hotel". Students can acquire not only knowledge and skills, but also an industrial code of conduct and professionalism so that they can be tuned into "hotel status" as quickly as possible.

With international standard of educational philosophy, closely link to industry courses, highly qualified faculty, State-of-the-art infrastructure, BHI has become one of the China and even Asia’s leading business hospitality management schools. BHI focuses on one hospitality management program, with a commitment to fostering senior hotel management talent in china.

(5) Communication and international cooperation

BHI signs "Branded Class" agreements with outstanding hotel management groups. Senior managers from these hotel groups are invited to school as guest lecturers of those classes. BHI has established an advisory committee that acts as the school's highest supplementary decision-making body. BHI has cooperated with 14 hotel groups, almost 90 hotels for students' internship.

As the cooperative institute of the most honored Switzerland Lausanne Hotel Management Institute in China, Lausanne will provide the study system and nuclear intellectual property right for cultivation of hotel management talents, and combine domestic school-running situation and talent requirement to cultivate internationalized application talents in the aspect of hotel management. Simultaneously, the institute specially constructed a high standard practice hotel according to the Lausanne mode, the high grade adviser of Lausanne monitors the teaching in hotel management major, the students in third grade and fourth grade can apply to go to Switzerland Lausanne Hotel Management Institute to study; the Institute will share the industry resources in the teaching practice of various hotels of Lausanne Hotel Management Institute in the world. The Institute will spend ten years to become the best Hotel Management Institute in the country, even in the Asian area and to become a training base and certification center which is approved by an industry, famous internationally in hotel management.


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