Beijing Information Science and Technology

Programs in Beijing Information Science and Technology University, China

1. Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs: 

- Duration: 4-6 years
Details please read at Bachelor Degree Programs
(1) Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation
(2) Industrial Design
(3) Industrial Engineering
(4) Vehicle Engineering
(5) New Energy Science and Engineering
(6) Mathematical and Physical Experimental Class
(7) Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering
(8) Electrical & Information Engineering
(9) Communication engineering
(10)Internet of things project
(12)Electrical Engineering and its Automation
(13)Intelligent science and technology
(14)Computer science and technology
(15)Software Engineering
(18)Financial Management
(19)Marketing Management 
(20)Business Administration 
(21)Human Resource Management
(22)Information management and information system
(23)Information Safety
(26)Management Science
(27)Administration Management
(28)Network and New Media
(29)Communication (network communication)
(30)English (Economic and Trade orientation)
(31)Information and computational science
(32)Electronic Information Science and Technology
(33)Applied statistics
(34) Mathematics
(35)Quality Management Engineering
(36)Data Science and Big data Technology
(37)Robot engineering
(38)International Economics and Trade
2.Master Degree/Graduate programs:
-Duration:3 years
Details please read at Master Degree Programs
(1)Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
(2)Mechatronic Engineering
(3)Mechanical Design and Theory
(4)Automotive Engineering
(5)Advanced equipment Dynamics and Control
(6)Industrial design of advanced manufacturing equipment
(7)Mechanical Engineering
(8)Optical Engineering
(9)Precision Instrument and Machinery
(10)Measurement techniques and instruments
(11)Biosensors and Medical Instruments
(12)Instrument Engineering
(13)Communication and Information System
(14)Signal and Information Processing
(15)Wisdom Perception and Information processing
(16)Electronics and Communication Engineering
(17)Motor and Electrical appliance
(18)Power Electronics and Power Transmission
(19)Control Theory and Control Engineering
(20)Detection Technology and Automation device
(21)Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System
(22)Navigation, Guidance and Control
(23)Control Engineering 
(24)Computer System Architecture
(25)Computer Software and Theory
(26)Computer Application Technology
(27)Network Information Retrieval and Content Understanding
(28)Digital Cultural Communication
(29)Computational Linguistics
(30)Software Engineering
(31)Computer Technology 
(32)National Economics
(33) Finance
(34)Quantitative Economics
(35)Management Science and Engineering
(36)Resource Cycle Management Engineering
(38)Business Administration
(39)Technical Economy and Management
(40)Industrial Engineering
(42)Information Management and Information Security
(43)Logistics Engineering
(44)Fundamental Mathematics
(45)Computational Mathematics
(46)Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
(47)Applied Mathematics 
(48)Physical Electronics 
(49)Microelectronics and solid state electronics
(50)Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
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