Beijing Institute Of Graphic Communication

Programs in Beijing Institute Of Graphic Communication, China

1.Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Program:

- Duration: 4 years
Details please read at Bachelor Degree Programs
1. Printing Engineering
2. Packaging Engineering
3. Digital Printing 
4. Polymer Materials and Engineering
5. Mechanical Engineering and Automation
6. Industrial Design
7. Digital Media Technology
8. Computer Science and Technology
9. Automation
10. Electronic Information Engineering
11. Information Management and Information System
12. Marketing
13. Financial Management
14. Cultural Industry Managementr
15. Editing and Publishing
16. Advertising
17. Communication (Digital Publishing)
18. English
19. Art and Design
20. Multimedia Art
21. Painting
22. Animation
2. Master Programs:
Details please read at Master Degree Programs
-duration: 3 years
1.History of Science and Technology
2.Material Physics and Chemistry
3.Material Science
4.Material Processing Engineering
5.Business Management
6.Mechanical Electronic Engineering
7.Mechanical Design and Theory
8.Communication and Information System
9.Signal and Information Processing
11.Art Design
13.Communication Science
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