Beijing Sport University

Why Study at Beijing Sport University, China

Beijing Sport University, China is a famous university which has a glorious history, profound deposit of culture, solid schooling foundation and distinctive education characteristics. Over the course of approximately 60 years, Beijing Sport University has been standing on the forefront of China’s higher education in sport and has established a higher education system in sport and a sport   college development mode. It has become the cradle of China’s higher sports talent cultivation and has irreplaceably important status in the higher education system and China’s sports cause. Beijing Sport University enjoys a prestigious reputation.

(1) History

Planning for Beijing Sport University began in July, 1952 and it was founded formally in November of that year. This marked the beginning of China’s modern higher education in sports. In 1960, the university was one among the first batch of key national universities approved by the State Council. Again in 1978, the State Council designated it as one of 88 key national universities. In 1981, the academic degree system was established in China. Beijing Sport University was among the first batch of institutions granting master degrees with the approval of the State Council. Then, in 1986,the State Council approved Beijing Sport University as an institution to grant PhDs. In 2001,the State Council issued No.﹝2001﹞15 document to indicate that Beijing Sport University would be outstandingly constructed as a comprehensive, high level base integrating education, training and research. In 2005, Beijing Sport University was approved by the state as a “211 Project” key university.

(2) Discipline and programs

Beijing Sport University is a university offering a wide range of disciplines including Sports Journalism, Sports Psychology, Sports Management, English Language, and Sports Performance etc. Beijing Sport University has 10 departments and schools. Within these departments, there are 16 programs offered at the undergraduate level, 8 programs at the master level, and 4 at the doctoral level and 1 at the Post-Doctoral level. There are currently 16000 Chinese students, and as many as 1000 international students enrolled at Beijing Sport University. 

(3) Academic facilities and scientific research

Beijing Sport University has strong teachers, teacher atmosphere, and talent gathered. The existing staffs are more than 1034, of which more than 720 full-time teachers, of teachers more than 320 with senior professional titles. Beijing Sport University has 5 provincial key laboratories including Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Sports and physical health and State Sports General Administration Key Laboratory of physical training and physical recovery; has 1 Engineering Research Center of institutions of higher learning in Beijing; 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center and 2 experimental teaching demonstration centers of institutions of higher learning in Beijing. 

(4) Great achievements

Beijing Sport University has trained nearly 100 thousand outstanding talents in the fields of school sports, competitive sports and sports industry. Beijing Sport University has cultivated the 312 athletes and coaches in Olympic Games, world cup and world championship champion including 73 Olympic champions by 2015. Beijing Sport University has the honor to get a number of national science and Technology Progress Award, national science and technology support projects, support programs in national science and technology and major projects in national philosophy and Social Sciences. 

(5) Communication and international cooperation

Beijing Sport University has a strong commitment to international communication and cooperation. It has established communication and a cooperative relationship with 76 universities and sports organizations from 34 countries and granted honorable Doctors Degrees to Olympic Games Chairman Jacques Rogge and six other international sports organization leaders and famous experts. The university actively conducts international cooperation to ensure that the academic status and international reputation continues to advance.  The entire faculty and student body of Beijing Sport University are striding steadily toward the objective of becoming a “world class sport university”.


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