Beijing Wuzi University

Why Study at Beijing Wuzi University, China

Brief Introduction

Beijing Wuzi University (BWU), is a higher education institution based in the capital of China, Beijing and located in Tongzhou District of Beijing, a new city in Beijing and lies in the source of the Ancient Grand Canal. Close to Beijing- Tongzhou Expressway, it is well known for its convenient transportation. The campus covers an area of 40 hectares with floor space 190,000 square meters. BWU is the first university in China to set up the specialties of Futures, Logistics Management and Purchasing Management.

 1. History

Beijing Wuzi University is a municipal university in Beijing. It was the Materials institute of the Beijing Economics College which was founded in 1963. In 1980, the Beijing Materials University was created. It was initially administered by the Bureau of National Material. This was then transferred to the Ministry of Material and then Ministry of Internal Trade. Since October 1998, the university came under the administration of the Beijing Municipal Government.

2. Discipline and Programs

Beijing Wuzi University consists of 7 schools: School of Economics, School of Logistics, School of Informatics, School of Business, School of Labor Science and Law, School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, and International School. Now the university has 26 specialties and programs for undergraduates. Since 1986, BWU has been admitting postgraduates. Now we have 21 programs for postgraduates. Among these specialties and programs, 2 are awarded Beijing Municipal key construction disciplines, and 3 are awarded Beijing Municipal excellent specialties. BWU now has 8,000 enrolled students, which includes undergraduates, postgraduates and students from foreign countries. The amount of postgraduates is around 600. The students come from 29 provinces or regions, and the majority of them come from Beijing. Over 60,000 students have graduated from the university in the past 30 years. The graduates enjoy excellent reputation in the society, especially in the field of logistics, securities and futures. 

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

Beijing Wuzi University has 664 staff members, and 438 are full-time teachers. There are 62 professors and 171 associate professors in BWU. 47.4% teachers have been awarded doctoral degrees, and 83.1% have got master degrees. Among them 16 teachers are awarded the honor of Beijing Municipal excellent teachers, 10 enjoy special research allowance from the State Council, 51 are awarded Excellent Young Teachers in Beijing, 3 are excellent teachers of good moral characters, and 12 political assistants are awarded excellent ones in Beijing. Over the years, considerable progress has been made in terms of teaching reforms and teaching quality. In recent 3 years, BWU has built 2 national feature specialty bases, 1 national talent-fostering mode innovation zone, 3 municipal feature specialty bases, 1 municipal experimental teaching demonstration center and 1 extramural talent training base. Within the span of 3 years, 3 municipal quality courses, 2 municipal quality textbooks and 6 municipal quality project materials have been produced in the university. The university has Beijing Municipal Key Laboratories, experimental teaching centers for universities in Beijing, and Beijing Municipal Research Bases. 

4. Great Achievement

Beijing Wuzi University has 5 municipal excellent teaching teams in the degree of undergraduate, more than 100 scientific research and entrepreneurial initiatives projects of undergraduates. In 2008, 1 teacher received a 1st place prize in teaching achievement and 3 teachers received second place teaching achievement prizes. BWU was awarded the rank of excellence in the teaching quality evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education in May, 2008. BWU places much importance in scientific research to promote teaching and has been concentrating its effort in the research of modern circulation, achieving distinct features and advantages. The university has built 7 science and technology innovation platforms, 8 scientific research bases and 33 scientific research innovation teams. In the recent 3years, the university has undertaken 1 national scientific and technological project, 19 National Science Foundation and Social Science Foundation research projects and more than 97 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects. The university has also published 214 academic works and 2221 academic papers in the past 3 years. The research and developing of key technologies in modern logistics of small towns, which is the 10th Five Years Program for Science and Technology Development of China, has achieved great influence in the field. Beijing Logistics Blue Book, edited by the university professor, has won the 2nd prize of Beijing philosophy research in social science, which has filled in a gap in logistics research in Beijing. 

5. Communication and International Cooperation

Beijing Wuzi University focuses on the students all-round capability and creativity in teaching and education. The university has broad communications by establishing exchanging and collaborative relationships with universities both home and abroad to achieve international influence. At present, it has cooperated with 42 universities and research institutes from 18 countries like US, UK, Canada, France, etc.. In 2017, there are 59 long-term international students studied here for their professional study.


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