Medical Degree Program in China - Bioengineering

 1. Introduction

Bioengineering is a new technology based on the theory and technology of biology, (especially the molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry and cytology), combining modern engineering technology, including chemical engineering, mechanical, electronic computers and others, making full use of the latest achievements in molecular biology, manipulating the genetic materials, directionally transform organisms or their function, to create the new species with ultra wide characters, then large-scale cultivates this kind of "engineering bacteria" or "engineering cell lines" through the suitable bioreactors, to produce a lot of useful metabolites or play their unique physiological function.

2. Main Courses

Higher mathematics, linear algebra, inorganic chemistry and chemical analysis, plant tissue culture technology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, physical chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, biological separation engineering, microbiology, cell biology, genetics, embryo engineering, molecular biology, genetic engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, microbial engineering, biological engineering downstream technology, fermentation engineering equipment, probability theory and mathematical statistics, biostatistics, immunology, physiology of animals, ecology, biological pharmacy and drug kinetics and bio pharmaceutical engineering, biological separation engineering, pharmaceutical analysis, instrument analysis etc.

Teaching practice

Production practice, curriculum design of chemical principles, process experiments, program curriculum design, graduation practice, graduation work, a total of about 35 weeks

3. Similar Programs

Biological science, genetics, biotechnology, biological information and biological information technology, biological science and technology, plant quarantine, biochemistry and molecular biology, medical information, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, biosafety, calculation biology, chemical biology, synthetic biology, biomedical engineering, biological pharmaceutical

4. Training Objectives and Requirements


Grasp the scientific principle of biological technology and industrialization, the basic theories and basic skills of technological process and engineering design, engineering and technical personnel can be engaged in design and production management and new technology research and development of new products in the field of biotechnology and engineering.


The students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of microbiology, biochemistry, chemical engineering, fermentation engineering, receiving the basic training in biological cell culture and breeding, biotechnology and engineering, have the basic ability to be engaged in the field of biotechnology and engineering for design, production, management and new technology research, new product development.

5. Knowledge and Ability

1). Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of microbiology, biochemistry, chemical engineering, fermentation engineering and so on;

2). Master the basic technology of biological cell culture and selection, biotechnology and engineering and other aspects; 

3). Basic ability of designing, producing, managing and new technology research and new product development in the field of biotechnology and engineering;

4). Familiar with the principles, policies and regulations related to the biological industry;

5). Understand the development trends and application prospects of contemporary biological industry;

6). Master the basic method of literature search, data query, with a certain ability of scientific research and practical work.

6. Employment Prospects

Suitable for technology development, engineering design, production management and product performance testing and analysis of biological products in medical, food, environmental protection, commodity inspection departments and research and teaching work in teaching departments


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