Medical Degree Program in China - Biological Pharmaceutical

 1. Introduction

Biological Pharmaceutical refers to making the products for prevention, treatment and diagnosis by using research results of microbiology, biology, medicine, biochemistry, from biological tissue, cells, organs and body fluids, comprehensively utilizing principles and methods of microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy and other disciplines.

2. Raw Materials

Raw materials of biological pharmaceutical mainly include natural biological materials, including microorganisms, human, animal, plant, marine life and so on. Along with the development of biotechnology, the biological materials made by artificial biological materials have become the main source of the current bio pharmaceutical raw materials, such as the animal raw materials made through the use of immune system, microbiology or other cell materials made by changing the structure of the gene. Biological drugs are characterized by high pharmacological activity, little toxic and side effects, high nutritional value. Biological drugs mainly include protein, nucleic acid, carbohydrate, and lipid and so on. The components of these substances are amino acids, nucleotides, sugars, fatty acids, which are not only harmless to the human body but also important nutrients.

3. Present Situation

Biological pharmaceutical produces drugs by using biological in vivo, such as using genetically modified corn to produce human antibodies, transgenic cows mammary to express of human alpha 1 anti trypsin, etc. Biological pharmaceutical has a broad prospect, half of the world's pharmaceutical products are biosynthetic, and it will be widely used in the treatment of cancer, AIDS, coronary heart disease, anemia, dysplasia, diabetes and other diseases. Antibiotic applied in medicine mostly derive from microbes, such as erythromycin, lincomycin etc, penicillin, streptomycin and gentamicin for injection use.

4. Rapid Growth

In the past 20 years, modern biotechnology develops rapidly with gene engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering as the representative, the human genome project has made significant technological breakthrough, modern biotechnology is widely used in medical treatment, biomedicine industrialization process is accelerating apparently, in the 21st century, the world pharmaceutical biotechnology industry is gradually entering the harvest period of investment.


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