Medical Degree Program in China - Biomedical Engineering / Technology

 1. Introduction

Biomedical Engineering is a combination of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer and engineering principle to study biology, medicine, behavioral science or health; put forward basic concept, produce the knowledge from the molecular level to the organ level, develop new biological products, materials, processing methods, implants, equipment and information method, used for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation of patients, improve health status. Biomedical engineering is a new interdisciplinary subject, it integrates the theory and method of engineering, physics, biology and medicine, to study the state change of the system of the human body at all levels, and to control this kind of change through the use of engineering and technical means, the purpose is to solve the problems in medical, to protect human health, to prevent, diagnose, treat disease, and for rehabilitation services.

2. Subject Content


Biological control theory

Biological effect

Biological materials

Medical imaging

X ray imaging device

Medical electronic instrument

Interventional radiology

Biological magnetic imaging

3. Engineering Branches

Medical composite materials

Digital signal processing

4. Subject Direction

The subject directions of the biomedical engineering research include: network technology of the computer and all kinds of large-scale medical equipment; computer network technology include: digital medical center, medical image processing and multimedia applications in medicine, biological information control and neural network in biomedical signal detection and processing. With the development of science and technology, all kinds of large medical equipment in the hospital are more and more widely used, the operation, maintenance and management personnel of large medical equipment are in urgent need for major hospitals and companies.

5. Teaching Practice

Including metalworking practice (3 ~ 4 weeks), electronic design (2 ~ 3 weeks), production practice (3 ~ 4 weeks), graduation design (12 ~ 16 weeks).

6. Training Objectives

Biomedical engineering trains senior engineering and technical personnel with the basic theoretical knowledge of life science, electronic technology, computer technology and information science and the scientific research ability combining medicine and engineering technology and can be engaged in research, development, teaching and management in the fields of biomedical engineering, medical equipment and other electronic technology, computer technology, information industry and other departments.

7. Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of life science, electronic technology, computer technology and information science, receive basic training from the application in medicine of electronic technology, signal detection and processing, computer technology, have the basic ability of research and development in the field of biomedical engineering.

8. Main Courses

Simulation electronic technology, digital electronic technology, human anatomy, physiology, and basic biology, biochemistry, signals and systems, algorithms, and data structure, database theory, digital signal processing, EDA technology, digital image processing, automatic control theory, medical imaging principle, biological information

9. Employment Prospects

1) Master the basic principles and design methods of electronic technology;

2) Master the basic theory of signal detection and signal processing and analysis;

 3) With the basic knowledge of biomedicine;

 4) With the application ability of microprocessor and computer;

 5) With the preliminary ability of studying and developing biomedical engineering;

 6) With a certain basic knowledge of humanities and social sciences;

 7) Understand the development trends of biomedical engineering;

 8) Master the basic methods of literature search and data query.


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