Medical Degree Program in China - Medical Biophysics

Medical biophysics systematically introduced biophysics theoretical framework, while also taking into account the needs of medical practice, fully embodies the characteristics of medical biophysics. Medical biophysics mainly covers the biological macromolecular structure and intramolecular and intermolecular interaction, biological macromolecules can states and energy transfer and membrane biophysics, cell membrane ion channels. In recent years, the theory and technology of biophysics has rapid development, and biophysical techniques in the development of medical biophysics and occupies an important position.

The content includes: 

What is Biophysics

A brief history of biophysics

Biophysical content

The Significance of Biophysics in Medicine

1 biological macromolecular structure

1.1 Primary structure

1.2 Secondary structure

The Secondary Structure of Peptides and Proteins

The secondary structure of nucleic acids

Super-secondary structure and domain

Methods of studying secondary structure

The relationship between secondary structure and biomolecule function

1.3 The tertiary structure

The expression of tertiary structure

Methods of studying tertiary structures

Study the significance of tertiary structure

1.4 Four-level structure

Folding and unfolding of proteins and peptides

Intermolecular interactions with molecules

2.1 Strong interaction

Covalent health

Conjugated system

Ion bond

Coordination key

2.2 Weak Interactions


And dipole-related interactions

The Biological Significance of Weak Interaction

2.3 Water structure

Water formation


The Biological Significance of Water Structure


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