Central China Normal University

Why Study at Central China Normal University

Brief Introduction

Founded in 1903, Central China Normal University (CCNU) is a comprehensive and prestigious university on the list of “211 National Project” and "985 National Project". During a splendid legacy of over 100 years, CCNU has developed a profound historical tradition. The university consists of 21 colleges and 4 departments, offering 94 doctoral programs, 184 graduate programs and 52 undergraduate programs. CCNU offers the student a wide range of diverse disciplines to choose from, including Chinese Language and Literature, Philosophy, Law, Economics, Education, History, Natural Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Management, as well as special disciplines such as Fine arts, Music and Physical Education. The university has earned both national and international recognition for its first-rate humanity programs, superior natural science programs and extraordinary engineering programs.

1. Long History

The predecessor of Central China Normal University is the combination of Huachung University, Chunghua University and the Pedagogical College of Zhongyuan University, with Huachung University as the main part. Huachung University was the largest and most influential mission university in south central China, and it developed from Boone College which was founded in 1903. In 1951, the Public Huazhong University came into being after the Pedagogical College of Zhongyuan University merged with Huachung University. Then it was reorganized into Huazhong Higher Normal College in 1952 and later renamed Central China Normal College in 1953. In 1985, the university was formally entitled Central China Normal University and Deng Xiaoping, one of the founders of Zhongyuan University, inscribed the new name of the university. In 1993, President Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription for the university “Developing normal education, improving the nation’s quality”.

2. Overview of Campus

Located in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, Central China Normal University is a key comprehensive university directly under the administration of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The campus of over 2,000 Mu (330 acres) is nestled on Guizi Hill, bordering South Lake.

Currently, the full-time enrollment of CCNU has exceeded 23,000 students, among which 7,000 are postgraduates. Since 2001, the graduate employment rate has remained above 95%, ranking among the top in China. The university is one of the first institutions being authorized to enroll overseas students in China, and it is one of the few National Chinese Language Education Bases accredited by the State Council. At present, the university has over 1,600 overseas students from 80 countries for long-term study or for pursuing degrees.

3. Discipline Construction and Laboratories

Ministry of Education of China chose Central China Normal University as one of the national key universities which has a number of important and promoted disciplines to international academic level. They consist of Chinese and Foreign Political Systems, Theoretical Physics, Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement, Education Theory, Chinese Modern and Contemporary History, Literature and Art Studies, Pesticide Science and Basic Principles of Marxism.

Central China Normal University hosts two national key laboratories that are sponsored by central government and promoted to become research centers recognized among worldwide academics: Labaratory for Quark and Lepton Physics and Laboratory for Pesticide Science and Chemical Biology.

4. Strong Faculty

The staff at Central China Normal University reaches more than 3800, including over 1800 full-time teachers, over 1000 professors and associate professors, nearly 300 doctoral supervisors, 20 senior professors of Humanities and Social Science, "Yangtze River Scholar" professors, "national teaching masters" and full-time and part-time academicians. Central China Normal University is approved to be one of the first universities by the state to confer doctorate, master's degrees; it has the right to self evaluation and grant of the titles of professors, associate professors and doctoral tutors.

5. Outstanding Achievements

Central China Normal University commenced to accept international students who were among the first group of overseas students enrolled by Chinese universities. It has been appointed by National Government to accept international students with Government Scholarship. Meanwhile, it is one of the earliest state-level “Chinese Language Teaching Bases”, which was ratified by the State Council. The university has begun to enroll overseas students in 1965. At present, the university has 1600 overseas students from more than 100 countries for long-term study or for pursuing degrees. We warmly welcome international students all over the world to join our international family.

International Exchanges and Cooperation

Central China Normal University has set up exchangeable relations and carried out widely academic interchange and scientific research cooperation with more than 100 universities, which belong to over 70 countries, such as America, German, Japan, Russia, France, New Zeeland, Australia, Korea, Vietnam and so on.


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