Chang'an University

Overseas Students at Chang'an University, China

Chang'an University is one of the State "211 Project" key development universities, is a college accepting the students with Chinese government scholarship, and is also one of the earliest universities in western China recruiting the overseas students. The enrollment of international students commenced in 1956. Till now, the university has turned out nearly 2000 graduates of different kinds for nearly 40 countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Tanzania and Yemen. Among the graduates, two are serving as ministers; one of our alumni is the ambassador and one is embassy minister in China. The number of international students in university now is over 500. 

There are numerous colleges, scientific research and cultural units around Chang’an University, and it has a dense learning atmosphere. The university covers a land of 200 hectares, establishing five main campus areas, such as the Main Campus, Yanta Campus, Xiaozhai Campus, Weishui Campus and Taibai Campus. Each campus has beautiful environment, complete living facilities such as dining hall, supermarket, soccer playground, gymnasium, tennis court, swimming pool etc. The overseas student apartment is equipped with telephone, air conditioning, television, washroom and the shower facilities, Internet access etc. Chang'an University tries its best to make international students live comfortably in campus.



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