Changchun Institute of Technology

Scholarships in Changchun Institute Of Technology, China for International Student

Changchun Institute Of Technology scholarships

Changchun Institute of Technology will offer a scholarship to every international student newly admitted to the school. From the second year of study on, the level of the scholarship will be decided according to the student's academic performance of the previous year. The detailed information is as follows:
(1)First-level Scholarship
(2)Second-level Scholarship
(3)Third-level Scholarship
(1)Jilin Province Government Scholarship  
(2)Postgraduatetutor  Scholarship
Application Requirements
(1)Applicants should be in good moral quality, abide by national laws, and enforce the rules of the university and relevant rules and regulations of the school.
(2)Applicants should love their major, study hard and get good grades
(3)Active participation in physical and cultural activities, good hygiene, physical and mental health.
Application Materials
(1) Application Form
(2) Scan copy of highest diploma / degree certificate
(3) Scan copy of transcripts of highest educational degree
(4) Scan copy of passport photo and passport
(5) Scan copy of complete physical examination form
(6) Scan copy of non-criminal records
The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!