Changzhou Textile Garment Institute

Why Study at Changzhou Textile Garment Institute, China

Brief Introduction

Changzhou Textile Garment Institute (CTGI) was established in 1958. It is located within a distance of 100 km from Shanghai and Nanjing in Changzhou, one of the major cities in Yangtze River Delta. The main campus is in Changzhou Science and Education Park, a national testing site of higher vocational education reform.

1. History

Changzhou Textile Garment Institute, was originally Changzhou textile industry academy established in 1958. In May 12, 1979, the academy was renamed to “Changzhou Textile Industry School”, under the dual leadership of Changzhou and Changzhou Textile Industry Bureau and enrolls students in the whole province. In 1983, the school was upgraded from municipal secondary technical school to provincial secondary specialized school under municipal management. In June 2001, it was upgraded from the national key technical secondary school to the higher vocational technology college, renamed as “Changzhou Textile Garment Institute”. In 2012, the institute won the title of "entrepreneurial demonstration base for college students in Jiangsu Province".

2. Discipline and Programs

Changzhou Textile Garment Institute is a provincial higher education institute opening multidisciplinary disciplines in science, engineering and literature. There are Creative College, Textile College, Clothing College, Mechatronic College, School of Economics and Trade, School of Humanities, School of Entrepreneurship, International School-Raffles Design Institute, School of Continuing Education and other schools.

There are 3 programs with central financial support, 8 programs with provincial characteristics, 1 provincial brand program.

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

Changzhou Textile Garment Institute covers an area of 825 mu, with a construction area of 301 thousand square meters, with a fixed assets of 818 million CNY, and a total of 128 million CNY in teaching instruments and equipment. There are more than 9600 full-time students and more than 600 teachers and staff, of whom more than 450 are full-time teachers, and 194 professors. There are 17 backbone teachers of “Qinglan Project” in Jiangsu Province, 7 training objects of provincial “333” project, 2 provincial famous teachers and 1 excellent teaching team in Jiangsu Province.

4. Great Achievement

Changzhou Textile Garment Institute has set up various platforms for scientific research and innovation, including national service platform for public technology of paperless animation, national training base for digital film and television animation, training base for digital textile technology and equipment, functional fiber and products engineering technology center in Jiangsu Province, key laboratory of new textile materials in Changzhou, research and development center of digital printing and creative textile engineering technology in Changzhou city. Scientific research achievements have been awarded scientific and technological achievements award by the Jiangsu Provincial Water Resources Department, textile technology innovation award in Jiangsu Province, the science and technology progress award in Changzhou city, the science and technology progress award in Wujin District and other awards. Changzhou Textile Garment Institute is also China's training base for "home textile designer", China's training base for high skilled personnel of textile and apparel, demonstration base for industry and research of textile and garment in Jiangsu Province.        

5. Communication and International Cooperation

Changzhou Textile Garment Institute has established stable cooperative relations with universities in Singapore, Italy, UK, Japan and Tanzania. The university implements the international cooperation project of "China - Italy Marco Polo" to promote the cooperative education between 6 institutes from each side and forms teachers to achieve mutual visits. Changzhou Textile Garment Institute establishes cooperation with Shanghai AHK and German enterprises, implements personnel training project of "industrial machinery workers" and "dual system" (Modern Apprenticeship). Changzhou Textile Garment Institute is now a “pilot university for expanding the scale of international students study in China by the reform of the national educational system”.


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