Chengdu University

Why Study at Chengdu University, China

Chengdu University (CDU) was founded in 1978, and it was formed by People's Government of Chengdu Municipality. Chengdu University, is located in Sichuan province. The campus covers an area of 3061 mu, with a student population of 21, 118, and faculty and staff of 1, 211. There are 17 colleges in Chengdu University; It has 58 undergraduate majors, 7 state-level characteristic disciplines and 25 provincial characteristic disciplines.


Chengdu University (CDU) was founded in 1978. The school started as an undergraduate college. In 1983, it suspended undergraduate course to junior college because of accepting World Bank loan. In 2003, it was recovered to  full-time college approved by the Ministry of Education and changed its name Chengdu College. In 2010, Chengdu railway center hospital—a  comprehensive Grade 3A hospital with hundreds years was divided into the school by Chengdu Municipal Government, and renamed Affiliated hospital of Chengdu university. In 2013,Sichuan Industrial Institute of Antibiotics was switched to the school by China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, which was approved by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. In 2018, it recovered former name Chengdu University. 

(2)Discipline and programs

As of March 2018, the school has operated 17 institutes, a total of 58 undergraduate majors, which covers arts, literature, management, pedagogy, economics, law, engineering, medicine, science and agriculture. The school is the authorized construction unit of doctor's degree in Sichuan province. There are 2 first-level disciplines authorized by master degree, including 10 second-level disciplines, 3 master's degree programs, in total of 18 discipline areas. And also a postdoctoral innovation practice base. The university has 1 key discipline, 1 key medicine discipline, and 3 key medicine specialties of Sichuan Province, and 1 key discipline of Chengdu city. The school is the authorized construction unit of doctor's degree in Sichuan province.

(3)Academic facilities and Scientific research

Chengdu University has 2 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental area, 4 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration center and 1 provincial practice training demonstration center. There are totally 218.56 million paper books in the collection, 1700 foreign and domestic journals and 54 kinds of newspaper. There are libraries (open time: 8:30-22:30), language laboratories, banks, post offices, bookstores, hospitals, and grocery stores. Facilities for exercise include: gyms, stadiums, swimming pools, tennis courts, Ping-Pong tables, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and football fields. International students may dine at either the cafeterias on campus with other Chinese students or at restaurants around campus, which are very affordable. Based on the above facilities the university offers attractive and good learning environment for students. 

(4)Chengdu University Achievement

Demonstrated by renewed statistic in March 2018, there are 11 provincial and ministerial technology platform and 11 provincial department level technology platform. Since from 2012, the university has undertook 303 provincial and ministerial programs and 112 national programs. The number of projects approved by the national natural science foundation increases year by year. In 2016, there are 20 project number, which ranking top 10 of Sichuan universities and colleges. In 2017, there are 10 projects approved by the national natural science foundation, ranking the 6th of Sichuan universities and colleges.

(5)Communication and International Cooperation

Chengdu University attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchange and actively engages in international exchanges and cooperative education, and has developed academic cooperation relationships and exchange with more than 40 countries. In 2010, the school established Confucius Institute with University of New Hampshire jointly, actively promoting Chinese education and Chinese Culture. It is the second university establishing Confucius Institute abroad in Sichuan province. Over the past 5 years, there are more than 1000 overseas students, and nearly 40 source countries. Otherwise, the number of students in Chinese-Foreign cooperative programs, Chinese-Foreign joint training programs and university exchange programs is nearly 2000. The school pursues international cooperation mode at all levels, signed Memorandum of Cooperation with 10 universities abroad and hold international academic exchanges activities.


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