China Agricultural University

Overseas Students at China Agricultural University

China Agricultural University(CAU) started to recruit international students from the 1954 and up till now, it has accepted more than 3,000 international students from more than 90 countries. At present, China Agricultural University enrolled 520 international students from different countries and religions. Within those, some of them were undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students and some of them were student visitors who study professional courses, who do research collaboration or Chinese language and culture study. The top ten numbers of Students are from the USA, South Africa, Pakistan, Mongolia, Thailand, the Republic of Guinea, Bangladesh, Vietnam, South Korea, and Kenya.

At present, China Agricultural University has 52 undergraduate majors, 171 postgraduate majors and 95 PhD majors opening to international students. Meanwhile, China Agricultural University set up full-English postgraduate teaching programs to international students. Nowadays, an increasing number of international students choose to come to study at China Agricultural University and more and more international students have finished their studies successfully and then made contribution to their own countries. We strongly believe that: China Agricultural University carries hope for you and you harvest knowledge at China Agricultural University. 



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