China Jiliang University

Why Study at China Jiliang University

China Jiliang University is the university dedicated to quality supervision, inspection and quarantine in the world, and a key university in Zhejiang Province with a distinct focus on those features. China Jiliang University, the sole university named after Metrology (Jiliang) in the world, is the first choice for any country seeking to exchange talents and cooperation in this field. 

1. History

In 1978, the State Metrology Bureau of China established Hangzhou Metrology School. In 1984, it was renamed the Metrology Technical College and enrolled three-year junior college students. In 1985, it was renamed as China Jiliang University. In 1986, it began enrolling undergraduate students. In 1988, it began enrolling postgraduate students jointly with the National Institute of Metrology of China but cultivate them independently. In 1989, it enrolled overseas students from France for the first time. 

2. Discipline and Programs

China Jiliang University aims at cultivating high-quality talents to meet the requirements of vitalization of quality industry while continuously deepening educational reform so as to promote the excellence of educational quality. 52 programs under science, engineering, management, economics and other subject groups are qualified to recruit undergraduates; and 7 first-level programs and 25 second-level programs are authorized to offer master’s degrees. At present, there are more than 22412 students studying programs at China Jiliang University. 

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

China Jiliang University has 19 schools and departments and has a teaching staff of 1276 of whom 683 are full professors, senior engineers and other senior professionals. China Jiliang University has two United engineering labs co-built by State and Provincial Governments; has one engineering research center of the ministry of education; has one collaborative innovation centre and 6 Zhejiang province key laboratories. The library at China Jiliang University has the collection of 2.2 million volumes. 

4. Great Achievement

In the past five years, China Jiliang University Presides over and undertakes 248 national projects 450 provincial projects in "973" project, National Science and technology major projects, and international science and technology cooperation projects and other projects. China Jiliang University has won 51 national and provincial awards, such as second prize of National technical invention, the first prize of Natural Science Prize of Ministry of Education, First prize of Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Award and others.  

5. Communication and International Cooperation

China Jiliang University commits to academic exchanges and international communication and cooperation. The university has established close ties with 46 universities and academic research institutions in The United States, Britain, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, etc. At present, there are more than 200 international students studying degree programs and short term language courses at China Jiliang University.


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