China University of Petroleum-Beijing

Overseas Students at China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

China University of Petroleum (Beijing) resumed admission for international students from 1994. Aiming at cultivating professionals with international horizon and strong competence, the University has paid many efforts and made great achievements in improving the quality of education as well as expanding the enrollment of the students in these years. 

The International School was established in 2011 in order to better promote the education for international students as well as international communication and exchange. It takes overall responsibility for the promotion of the international education and admission and administration for international students. Till June of 2015, the University has more than 800 international students on campus from 50 countries with rich oil and gas resources including Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mongolia and Russia. 

The International School collaborates with other colleges in offering quality programs and international courses by integrating superior resources, designing reasonable education plans and training qualified teachers. The categories of international education now include language training, pre-Bachelor program, Chinese-taught Bachelor’s programs, Chinese and English-taught Master and PhD programs. More than 82% international students are enrolled in academic programs.



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