Medical Degree Program in China - Chinese Herbal Medicine

 1. Introduction

Chinese Materia Medica ( Chinese Herbal Medicine ) is the discipline that studies the basic theory and clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine, one of the basic disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine programs. Its content includes the concept of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese Materia Medica, the origin and development of traditional Chinese medicine; producing area and collection of Chinese medicine, concept of medicinal herbs, and under the premise of ensuring the drug effect, how to develop herbs; the concept, the objective and the method of processing traditional Chinese medicine; Chinese herbal resistance concept, traditional Chinese medicine treatment mechanism, the purpose, principle of traditional Chinese medicine compatibility and drug "seven emotions" concept, traditional Chinese medicine combines with law of application; the concept and main content of contraindication; the dosage and usage, the relationship between dosage and effect, basis to determine dose and traditional Chinese medicine decocting methods and so on.

2. Theoretical Basis

Medicinal properties include Yin and Yang

Treatment and treatment by reverse process

Benefit Philosophy

Medication emphasizes neutralization

Medication has the art of war

3. Chinese Herbal Medicine Holographic Nutrition

Chinese herbal medicine holographic nutrition is a nutrition sum of all substance and energy and information field form that some Chinese herbal medicine contains to  prevent and treat corresponding diseases of human and animal, also refers to medicinal alkaloids, organic acids, flavonoids, saponins, polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals and various kinds of trace elements and four properties and five tastes and the comprehensive medicinal value.

4. Processing of Chinese Herbal Medicine

The processing is divided into three kinds: water processing, fire processing, fire and water combined processing, etc. Water processing has washing, bleaching, soaking, stains, levigating and others; fire processing has calcining, processing, simmering, frying, baking, torrefying, roasting, etc. fire and water combined processing has steaming, boiling, quenching and so on. In each method, it has a number of specific methods, and its content is very rich.

5. Related Theory

The poison is not toxic.

Four qi treat diseases.

Build up one's health by taking tonic.

Monarch, minister, assistant and guide

6. Compatibility Theory

Compatibility refers to choose two or more drug  to use together according to the disease needs and characteristics of the drug purposely.

Using a single drug

Mutual promotion between two drug 

Mutual assistance

Mutual restraint between two drug 

Mutual detoxication

Mutual inhibition

Incompatibility between two drug 

Based on the above, it can be seen from the single ingredient to the application of compatibility, is through a long practice and understanding of the process of gradually accumulating. The compatibility of drug  is the main form of traditional Chinese medicine. Medicines are combined according to certain flow law, and determine a certain proportion of the component, make the appropriate dosage form, that is, prescription. Prescription is the development of drug compatibility, but also a higher form of drug compatibility applications.

7. Clinical Chinese Materia Medica

Chinese Materia Medica is actually clinical Chinese herbal medicine, focusing on the basic theory of Chinese Materia Medica and properties, efficacy and clinical application of common traditional Chinese medicine; knowing the source, identification, recovery, processing, preparation, chemistry, pharmacology and others of the traditional Chinese medicine.

8. Training Objectives

Train Chinese medicine professional with the TCM basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills and related knowledge and ability of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy and other aspects, master humanities and social science, natural science and China traditional culture knowledge, engaged in Chinese medicine production, management, scientific research, teaching and management work, has good professional ethics and professional quality, full of the sense of innovation.

9. Training Requirements and Characteristics

Cultivate Chinese Materia Medica undergraduate students talents with a reasonable knowledge structure, a solid theoretical knowledge and basic skills, participate in extracurricular scientific and technological activities and all kinds of other meaningful second classroom activities, with high comprehensive quality. According to the characteristics of the subjects and their own characteristics, combine with the practice of theory and practice, the combination of classroom and field, image, vivid multimedia teaching. Make the students receive western medicine basic theory and basic knowledge training, receives basic training in the western medicine and Chinese pharmacy, has the basic ability of identification of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine processing, processing pieces, the Chinese medicine different dosage form preparation, quality control and evaluation.

10. Training Plan

Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1). Master the basic theory of Chinese medicine and familiar with the basic knowledge of clinical medicine

2). Grasp the basic principles and skills of the extraction, separation and detection of the chemical components of traditional Chinese medicine, and master the basic theory and skills of the quality identification of traditional Chinese Medicine

3). Master the basic theory and experimental skills of pharmacology and toxicology of traditional Chinese Medicine

4). Basic theory and skills of processing, preparation and analysis of traditional Chinese Medicine

5). Basic knowledge, familiar with the regulations and policies of the pharmaceutical marketing management

6). Understanding the academic development trends of Chinese Medicine

7). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain scientific research and practical work ability.

11. Main Subjects

Chinese medicine, pharmacy, traditional Chinese Medicine

12. Main Courses

Basis of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Materia Medica, formulaology, pharmaceutical botany, identification of traditional Chinese medicine, resources science of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine processing, pharmacy of traditional Chinese medicine, TCM chemistry, TCM preparations analysis

Main practical teaching:

Including the production practice, graduation thesis design, the general arrangement is about 22 weeks

13. Employment Prospects

Testing of Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine research, development of new drug  of traditional Chinese medicine, technical work at medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, etc


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