Medical Degree Program in China - Chinese Medicine Cosmetology

 1. Introduction

Chinese Medicine Cosmetology is a discipline that studies the prevention and treatment of facial loss and covering and correction of physiological defect under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory and human aesthetics theory to achieve disease prevention and fitness, maintaining a plastic beauty, keeping and creating the beauty of human spirit and appearance. The beauty of traditional Chinese medicine is to take its broad sense. Chinese medicine beauty is a health based beauty, it is based on the health of the standard and aesthetic standards of the human form and the intrinsic spirit, temperament, such as a comprehensive evaluation of the results. Beauty has a narrow and broad sense of the word. Beauty in a narrow sense refers only to the facial or neck and above the landscaping and modification; generalized beauty is the beauty of all body and mind, including face, hair, body, limbs and soul.

2. Characteristics

Chinese medicine cosmetology focuses on the whole, closely connects face with the organs, meridians, Qi and blood, traditional Chinese medicine taken orally, external application, acupuncture, massage, qigong and dietary therapy and other means reflect the view of s seeking beauty in action, to achieve smooth flow of Qi, and it is simple and convenient, safe and reliable, the role is wide and lasting. Chinese medicine cosmetology has unique characteristics in the health care, beauty and treatment of skin diseases, and shows the special potential.

3. Theoretical Basis

Chinese medicine cosmetology is attached to the Chinese medicine, and develops with the development of traditional Chinese medicine; it has a solid theoretical basis. The "Huang Di Nei Jing" is the source of Chinese medicine theory; it also lays a theoretical foundation for the formation and development of Chinese medicine cosmetology. The development of basic subjects and clinical subjects in modern Chinese medicine has laid a foundation for the development of Chinese medicine cosmetology.

4. Overall Concept

Chinese medicine believes that human is an organic whole, so to achieve the overall balance of Yin and Yang, the stability of the internal organs, meridians, Qi and blood circulation can realize lasting and stable beauty effect.

5. Treatment Based on Syndrome Differentiation

Chinese medicine cosmetology uses the thought of syndrome differentiation to examine the syndromes and seek the reasons, to review the reasons and discuss the treatment. Even external health care products that focus on the decoration, such as facial rouge and month rouge, also reflect the characteristics of syndrome differentiation and treatment. Such as facial color black, rough, TCM believes that one of the reasons is wind pathogen attack, so in some moisten face and whitening cosmetics, equipped with anti rheumatic drugs such as radix saposhnikoviae, radix angelicae huricae reflects the characteristics of etiology. Syndrome differentiation treatment makes Chinese medicine cosmetology more prominent. 

6. Application

Beauty methods

There are a variety of means of Chinese medicine cosmetology, which can be divided into five categories: traditional Chinese medicine, meal, acupuncture, massage, qigong. In addition, there are psychological, health and other methods. Each of the major categories has a number of specific methods, such as drug beauty, there is an internal medicine, and there is an external usage. Topical method and sticking method, bath, and paste packing, bathing method can be subdivided the lesion of skin paste deposited, umbilicus, acupoint application, smoked wash, wash, bath, bath etc. These methods belong to the natural therapy, which are safe and reliable with no side effects, and can avoid the harm of chemical drugs and cosmetics on the human body.

7. Uses

Traditional Chinese medicine breast enhancement

Whitening and freckle removing

Smooth the face and wrinkle removing

Chinese medicine reducing weight

Conditioning and acne removing

Holistic concept

Paying equal attention to inner beauty and external beauty

8. Acne Removal by Acupuncture

9. Beauty Mechanism

10. Methods

The Chinese medicine cosmetology technology can be divided into four categories: traditional Chinese medicine beauty, meridian beauty, Qigong beauty, herbal beauty.

11. Beauty Recipe

12. Beauty Food

13. Principles

1) Nourishing the five internal organs, nourishing blood.

2) Clear the channels and collaterals, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis

3). Expelling wind and clearing away heat

4). Detumescence, dampness itching

5). Whitening and wrinkle removing.


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