Chongqing University of Science & Technology

English Medium Programs in Chongqing University of Science & Technology, China

1. Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs in English Medium: 

 - Duration: 4 years

Details please read at Bachelor Degree Programs 

1)Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering

2)Petroleum Engineering/

3)Petroleum & Natural Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

4)Resources Exploration Engineering 


6)Metallic Materials Engineering

7)Welding Technology and Engineering

8)Non-metallic Materials Engineering

9)Functional Materials/

10)Mechanic Design, Manufacturing & Automation

11)Energy & Power Engineering 

12)Mechatronics Engineering

13)Auto Service Engineering

14)Automation Engineering

15)Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument

16)Electric Engineering and Automation 

17)Computer Science and Technology

18)EPC System Network

19)Chemical Engineering & Technology

20)Applied Chemistry



23)Energy Chemical Engineering

24)Civil Engineering 、

25)Construction Management

26)Project Cost

27)Building Environment and Energy Engineering

28)Safety Engineering

29)Fire Engineering


31)Hospitality Management

32)Human Resources Management 


34)Logistics Management

35)International Economics and Trade 

36)Social Work

37)Resources and Environmental Economics

38)Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

39)Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

40)English ( Business Orientation)

41)Artistic Design

42)Chinese Language and Literature

43)Visual Communication Design

44)Exhibition Art and Technology

45)Metallurgy Engineering

46)Material Casting & Control Engineering

47)The Measuring Technology and Instrument

2. Master Degree/Postgraduate/PG Programs in English Medium:

- Duration: 4 years

Details please read at Master Degree Programs

1)Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

2)Safety Engineering.



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