Medical Degree Program in China - Clinical Pharmacy

 1. Introduction

Clinical Pharmacy is the pharmacy discipline that studies the rationality and effectiveness of drug prevention and treatment. The main content is the study of the theory and methods of the highest efficacy that drug plays in human body metabolism. It focuses on the relationship between drug and people, directly related to the drug itself, drug use and drug delivery methods, so it is also directly related to the quality of medical treatment.
2. Medication Attentions
Prudent use of drug
Rational use of drug
Drug accidents
Pharmaceutical information
Prescription, case analysis, rational or irrational drug use cases 
Monitoring adverse drug reactions, drug induced disease, drug interaction
Scheme and analysis of emergency treatment for critically ill patients
Drug analysis of pesticide poisoning
Drug quality and efficacy
Experience and problems in mixed injection
Curative effect of the new medicine and the dosage form of the old medicine
The relationship between Chinese herbal medicine and pharmaceutics and curative effect
Evaluation of new drug and clinical application
3. Focus
Prescription analysis
Administration program
Drug evaluation
Clinical guidance
4. Training Objectives
Clinical pharmacy students mainly study pharmacy, clinical medicine and basic knowledge and practical skills, receive basic training in the practice of clinical pharmacy, clinical pharmacy research methods and skills, master to undertake the work of clinical pharmacy technology, drug evaluation (evaluation of new drug and drug re evaluation), information and consulting services for the pharmaceutical, participation design and practice of clinical drug treatment program, the implementation of the basic knowledge and skills of rational drug use. To train senior scientific and technical personnel engaged in clinical pharmacy education, clinical pharmacy research and drug development.
5. Main Courses
Higher mathematics, mathematical statistics, physics, chemistry, analysis chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, microbiology, natural pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, clinical drug metabolism dynamic mechanics, cell biology, drug toxicology, pathology and physiology, diagnosis, medicine, surgery, Gynecology, pediatrics, clinical probation, clinical pharmacology, clinical therapeutics, adverse drug reactions and pharmacovigilance and drug economics, hospital pharmacy regulations and GCP, medical ethics, pharmaceutical information retrieval, etc.

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