Medical Degree Program in China - Community Medicine

 1. Introduction

The community is a family based historical community, which is the combination of kinship community and geo community. In community health services and general medicine, the concept of community should include the following aspects: a specific population and background, scope of service, a set of available resources, an ideal place to solve the problem, a series affective factors related to human health.
2. Community Medicine Services
Community medicine is a medical discipline studying how to protect and promote the health of people. Community medicine usually uses social medicine, preventive medical ideas and theory, the basic methods of epidemiology and health statistics, to collect information and data through the social investigation, community survey and population screening.
And make statistics, analysis and evaluation, and then make the community diagnosis, to find out the influence of main problems and factors of community health, analyze the emergence and development of the problems, identify the needs of community residents and the need for health services, lists can be used to solve the problem of priority, resources and solve the problem finally, the formulation and the implementation of a series of community health service plan, use the community medical and non medical resources inside and outside, to maintain and promote community health and community health project process, effect, efficiency, benefit and utility assessment, so that the limited resources can produce the best benefit, this series above is called community medical service.
Community Medicine Service Type
There are two types: one extends out from the individual and family services, namely general practitioners feeling individuals and their families are significantly affected by the impact of certain factors in the community when they provide medical care for individuals and their families, or individuals and families of some problem in the community have the tendency of "popular". Therefore, from the services for individuals and families to provide expanded to community service, this service is called shuns the ductility of the community medical service.
Another service is for the maintenance of community health needs. First of all, through the investigation and analysis, identify the main problems affecting population health and its related factors. Then, there are plans to carry out community health projects, so as to safeguard and promote the development of community health. This kind of service is called the planned community medical service. Initially, main community medical service is provided by public health workers, doctors provide basic medical service only in the community for a gender to treatment of patients (or a service). If medical services and community medical services combine together, it will become community oriented primary care.
Characteristics of Community Medicine Service
With the crowd as the object, aims to maintain and promote the health of the population, using the theory and method of epidemiology and health statistics, public health and preventive medicine, prevention as the main content, taking public health personnel as the core.
3. Significance
Maintain personal and family health
Observation of health problems
Prevention is more valuable than the diagnosis and treatment of individual diseases
Rational use of limited health resources
To effectively control the prevalent disease in the community
To improve service capacity and service efficiency of primary doctors

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