History Degree Program in China - Cultural Heritage and Museology

1. Introduction

Cultural Heritage and Museology program cultivates compound talents who can be engaged in the management of cultural relics and museum, research work. Cultural heritage and museology trains senior specialized talents with systematic knowledge of cultural relics, museology, can be engaged in government administration of cultural relics and research institutions, various museums and exhibition unit, department of archaeology, cultural relics and art business unit, customs, news publishing, education and other units for cultural relics and museum management and research work.

Students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of cultural relics, museology, receive the basic training of comprehensive knowledge in history, art, culture, science and technology, have the basic ability of relics, appreciation, research and cultural affairs management.

2. Main Subjects

History, art, cultural relics, museum studies, archaeology

3. Main Courses

Museology introduction, the museum display design, management of museum collections, museum management, material cultural history, cultural anthropology, cultural relics conspectus, cultural relics management and regulations, Chinese history and geography, ancient arts and crafts, folklore, art history, general theory of archaeology, cultural relics and archaeology technology, foundation of cultural relic protection and so on.

4. Teaching Practice

Social survey, business practice, academic papers, graduation papers, reading reports, academic frontier lectures, scientific research projects of undergraduates, etc

5. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theories and knowledge of cultural relics and museum studies;

2) Master the main types of cultural relics and important examples of cultural relics;

3) With the basic ability to evaluate, analyze and appreciate the heritage of human culture;

4) understand the international regulations on the administration of cultural relics and museum;

5) Understand the museum’s management roles on the cultural heritage and natural heritage of human being, familiar with the basic functions and overall operation and management requirements of the museum; understand the restoration of cultural relics, the custody of the traditional methods and knowledge of modern science and technology;

6) Master the basic methods and means of document retrieval and data query.

6. Employment Prospects

Government heritage management and research institutions, various museums and exhibition display units, archaeological department, cultural relics and art business units, the tourism departments, the press and publishing units, educational units for cultural relics display and protection, museum management and research; public security, customs, commodity inspection, auction pawn, jewelry industry engaged in cultural identification, assessment and protection


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