Dalian Jiaotong University

Why Study at Dalian Jiaotong University, China

Brief Introduction

Dalian Jiaotong University (DJTU)  is the only higher education institute characterized by Rail Transit in northeast China, even enjoys a good reputation of “The Cradle for Engineers of Chinese Rail Transit Equipment Manufacturing Industry. It is focused on the faculty of engineering, along with the harmonious development in management, natural science, liberal arts, economics, law and arts. The rail transit and interdisciplinary software talents are the education features. In China, DJTU is the member of “Outstanding Engineers Cultivation Plan” and “Sino Russian Transportation University Alliance” and “Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship Institutes for International Students”. It strives not only for improvements in core programs’ competitiveness, but also for the promotion of modern rail transit equipment manufacturing industry and software information service industry by latching the “One Belt and One Road” and “Dalian-Northeast Asia International Shipping Centre Construction”chances. It aims to become a higher level university in 21st century. 

1. History

Dalian Jiaotong University was built in 1956, originally known as the Dalian Locomotive& Rolling Stock Manufacturing School. In 1958, it upgraded to Dalian Railway College supervised by Ministry of Railways. Then it renamed as the Dalian Jiaotong University in 2004. As the only  higher education institute characterized by Rail Transit in northeast China, it invested everyone with progressive principles and a desire to improve people’s lives through research and teaching in rail and engineering. Throughout the history it has led the way and helped shape the modern engineering technology through discovery, ideas and knowledge. After the discovery of information and engineering, in 2001, it set up an independent full-time general college--Software College of Dalian Jiaotong University, which was the first national software talents international training base approved by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs P.R.China. As the school motto goes, Persevering the intelligence and virtue, the college has along with the 50 years experience of DJTU in information industry to strength its international influence and power in software engineering. 

2. Discipline and Programs

Dalian Jiaotong University has Shahekou campus and Lvshun campus, is divided into the postgraduate college and 13 subordinate colleges for offering 43 undergraduate programs, which has 6 categories in Engineering, Management, Science, Literature, Economics and Arts. Among them, there are 3 programs in Business Management, Software Engineering and Computer Science and Technology have the second degree-awarding accreditation, 13 programs are the national or provincial key construction programs, in which the Vehicle Engineering is the urgently-needed undergraduate professional training base in Liaoning province. DJTU has 56 postgraduate programs and 9 doctoral programs. Particularly, it has the privilege to exempt the admission examinations for postgraduates. Till now, DJTU has 18,237 students for pursuing the undergraduate, postgraduate, continuing education and international students education degrees.

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

Dalian Jiaotong University enjoys a reputation for pioneering research and innovation and strong faculty backgrounds, which vitalise the undergraduate courses and postgraduate programs, and introduce every student to the latest thinking in their chosen field. At present, there are 1032 professional teachers, including 152 Professors, 352 Association Professors, 59 Doctoral Supervisors. One of them awarded in the “National Recruitment Program of Global Experts”. In 2001, it pioneered the “Traditional Program+Software Engineering” 5 years double programs interdisciplinary talents training model in China. Thus, it became the “National Talents Training Mode Innovative Experimental Zone” and “National Software Talents International Training Base”. To improve the research creation, DJTU built 1 national virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, 4 national engineering experimental education centers, 12 provincial model experimental teaching centers and 7 provincial university students practice bases. Now, it develops 24 provincial technological platforms for advancing the science research and technology development. DJTU library holds over 1.6 million items, including 22.5 thousand Chinese and foreign E-Journals. The rich library storage will harness the pioneering heritage of DJTU to inspire a world of learning and research.

4. Great Achievement

Dalian Jiaotong University keeps the leading position about rail transit and software engineering in northeast China. Since 2006, it invested over 330 million research cost and approved 100 research programs by National Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation, National Sci-Tech Support Plan, National 973 and 863 Plan. Then, it achieved 40 technological awards, including 3 National Science and Technology Progress Award and 12 Provincial and Ministerial Prize. In the technology innovation, there are 69 authorized invention patents and 5466 published papers, which have been included in the SCI, EI and CPCI-S. Some of the experts have published their papers in the journal of Science and Nature Nanotechnology. In 2017, it finally awarded “2016 China Railway Society Technology Prize”.

5. Communication and International Cooperation

Dalian Jiaotong University international cooperation and communication dates back  to 1982, together with the development of Reform and Open Policy. Up to present, it has established international cooperation with over 40 universities and scientific research institutes from US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Germany, Sweden, France and Singapore, and invites hundreds of foreign distinguished professors and visiting professors. In 1998, it founded the Aien International Institute of Dalian Jiaotong University for cultivating the international talents in China. The Aien now has 4 sino-foreign cooperative undergraduate programs: Accounting, Computer Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. In 2004, with the support of Ministry of Commerce and Science and Technology, the China-Japan Friendship Dalian Center for Human Resource Development settled in DJTU, The center has international advanced educational facilities and professional technicians, scholars for developing the software development, engineering management, production and operation management training plans. It plays an important role in the China-Japan friendship. As the Chinese government scholarship institutes for international students, DJTU has nearly 90 international at present and wishes to attract more international students to join here for a better international modern university  development in the future.


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