Dalian Medical University

Scholarships in Dalian Medical University, China for International Student

Dalian Medical University provides a variety of scholarship programs to international students including: Dalian Government Scholarship program and Dalian Medical University Scholarship program.

Dalian Government Scholarship
1. Dalian municipal government set up the government scholarship for international students in 2008 to support and encourage more excellent international students to study at Dalian.
2. The self-finance students who study for degree program at Dalian Medical University can apply this scholarship if they have got University scholarship for two continuous academic years. International Education College of DMU is in charge of all the details.
Dalian Medical University Scholarship
In order to create a competitive academic environment among the foreign students, to encourage them to study hard and finish schooling in a better way, Dalian Medical University has set up scholarships to honor the outstanding students and set an example to the others.
1. The Basic Qualifications for the Candidates
(1). Abide by the Chinese Law and school’s regulations. Pay the fees on time.
(2). Love Dalian Medical University and his own majors, study with a clear aim and proper attitude, and have excellent achievements. Attendance is over 90%.
(3). The examination achievement of every subject is over 70 marks without exception, and the examination of minor course is “pass”.
(4). Behave politely, respect teachers and school staff, treasure public property, help and concern classmates.
(5). Take an active part in all kinds of social activities organized by Dalian Medical University.
2. Students who are in any of the following situations cannot apply for the scholarship in that year.
(1). Absent from examination or supplementary examination, or delayed examination in one subject in the respective academic year.
(2). Suspend their schooling.
(3). Have been punished.
3. The category of the Scholarship
(1). the first-class scholarship
(2). the second-class scholarship
(3). the third-class scholarship
4. The Scholarship Evaluation Quota
(1). Grade will take as the unit to carry out comprehensive assessment.
(2). The quota of the first-class scholarship cannot exceed 1.5% of the total students in one grade.
(3). The quota of the second-class scholarship cannot exceed 3% of the total students in one grade.
(4). The quota of the third-class scholarship cannot exceed 5% of the total students in one grade.
5. The Prize Standard of the Scholarship
(1). Students, whose average score is over 85, have the qualification to be assessed for the first-class scholarship.
(2). Students, whose average score is over 80, have the qualification to be assessed for the second-class scholarship.
(3). Students, whose average score is over 75, have the qualification to be assessed for the third-class scholarship.
6. Evaluation Methods
The International Education College (IEC) is responsible for work evaluation based on the student's academic performance, attendance with participation, and the teacher's suggestions.
The scholarship evaluation will be done at the end of each academic year and announced at the beginning of the second academic year. The feedback will be accepted only within one week after the announcement.
7. Explanation
The university scholarship and Dalian Municipal Government Scholarship cannot be granted together to the same student but 2 Certificates can be granted together.
The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!