Medical Degree Program in China - Emergency Medicine

 1. Introduction

Emergency Medicine provides comprehensive, emergent and convenient medical services to the patients with health crisis, in order to avoid the occurrence of death and disability. 
Emergency medicine is focus on treatment of injuries in the emergency phase, its content mainly is: the recovery of heart, lung, brain, circulatory function caused by grams, acute trauma, multiple organ failure and acute poisoning. And emergency medicine is also study the rescue, transportation, communications, and other aspects of the problem, so the first aid medicine include three parts: pre hospital treatment (First Aid Center), the hospital emergency room, intensive care unit (ICU). Therefore, first aid equipment is important part of emergency medicine.
Emergency medicine is a comprehensive science, is a new major of Processing and analysis of all kinds of acute lesions and acute trauma, that means in a short period of time, taken a emergency rescue measures of science to the threat to human life and safety accident calamity injury and disease
 2. Characteristics
Emergency medicine, as a specialty, except as other clinical medical departments with their own characteristics, has its own special rules in service mode; law understanding of diagnosis and treatment principle, mastering the special rules can effectively improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of physicians in the emergency department, to improve the efficiency of emergency work.
3. Interventional Therapy
Emergency interventional therapy refers to the emergency rescue which CT, X - ray and angiography examination departments participate in. The best time to rescue the patients is within 6 hours, if missing the prime time of the rescue, diseased tissues or blood vessels, brain cell being necrotic, make the significance of emergency interventional therapy lost.

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