Medical Degree Program in China - Environmental Health

 1. Introduction

Environmental Health studies the relationship between natural environment and living environment and human health, revealing the occurrence, development law of the effects of environmental factors on human health, in order to make full use of the beneficial factors from environment and control harmful environmental factors and put forward the hygiene requirements and preventive measures, to improve human health, improve the health level of the whole population. Environmental hygiene is an important branch of preventive medicine, has also become an important part of the environmental science.
2. Research Objects
Environmental hygiene takes humans and their surrounding environment as the research object, to clarify the human survival environment effects on human health and human response to the environment impact, namely interactions between the environment and the human body. This is the basic task of environmental hygiene.
3. Program Scope
Atmospheric sphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere and biosphere; living, work and entertainment environment humans establish in daily activities and the living environment factors (such as home use chemicals). Natural environment and living environment are the necessary conditions for the survival of mankind, and the relationship between the quality of the composition and the quality is very close to the human health. There are both beneficial factors to human health and harmful factors to human health among a variety of environmental factors.
4. Impacts
Environment can be divided into the primary environment and the secondary environment. The former refers to the natural formed non - or less affected by human factors, which are beneficial to human health, there are also some adverse factors on human health. Secondary environment refers to the environment affected by human activities. Humans provide a good living conditions for themselves in the transformation of the natural environment and development and utilization of natural resources for their own survival and development.
5. Content
Basic theory research
Confirmatory study
Study new technology and new methods
Theoretical basis
6. Tasks
Strengthen research
Strengthen health work
Open up new areas

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