Medical Degree Program in China - Food Hygiene

 1. Introduction

Food hygiene studies harmful factors that may exist in the food threatening the health of human body and the preventive measures, to improve the quality of food hygiene, to protect consumer safety. It is to the study of the quality of food hygiene, to prevent the harmful factors that may occur in the food damage to human health science. Food hygiene applies food chemical analysis, microbiology, toxicology and epidemiology method of food possible harmful substances and the mechanism of action, in order to improve the quality of food hygiene, take corresponding preventive measures, and provide the basis for setting up food quality standards. The main content is: food additive and health; food pollutant source, nature, the harm to the human body and its mechanism, the relevant preventive measures; food poisoning and its prevention; food hygiene quality identification and formulation of the quality standards of food hygiene; major food and business hygiene management of major health food.
2 Harmful Factors
According to the nature, the hazards are divided into biological, chemical and physical hazards, some of which can enter the body through the food and cause harm to health.
3. Tasks
Study the way that the harmful substances in the environment pollute the food, the food hygiene standards and regulations of various countries, the food safety standards and the supervision and management of food enterprises.

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