Medical Degree Program in China - Food Hygiene and Nutrition

 1. Introduction

Food Hygiene and Nutrition is a program studying the interaction of food and the body, and the distribution, transportation, digestion, metabolism of the nutritional content of food (including the nutritional element, non- nutritional element, anti nutritional element) in the body.
2. Training Objectives
Food Hygiene and Nutrition students are cultivated to be equipped with basic knowledge, basic theory and basic skills of basic medicine, nutrition and preventive medicine, clinical medicine, so as to make the graduates to be senior nutrition professionals who can be engaged in the human nutrition guidance, health and publicity and education of nutrition knowledge, disease prevention and treatment, clinical nutrition treatment in the hospital and guide to food preparation.
3. Training Requirements
Food Hygiene and Nutrition students should master the basic knowledge and basic skills of basic medicine, clinical medicine, nutrition and food hygiene, be proficient in the basic theory, methods of epidemiology and health statistics and health and epidemic prevention skills.
4. Knowledge and Ability
(1). Master the basic theoretical knowledge of food hygiene and nutrition;
(2). Master the basic theoretical knowledge of basic medicine, clinical medicine, nutrition and food hygiene and food hygiene detection skills;
(3). Be able to engage in supervision, examination and management of nutrition and food hygiene; be familiar with the laws and regulations of food hygiene;
(4). Have certain social medical knowledge, knowledge of labor hygiene, environmental hygiene and occupational disease, with ability of investigation and research and scientific way of thinking.
5. Main Subjects
Nutrition, Clinical Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Food Technology
6. Main Courses
Basics of nutrition, clinical nutrition, food hygiene, food technology, gastrology, food toxicology, histology and embryology, human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, medical statistics, epidemiology.
7. Employment Prospects
Food Hygiene and Nutrition graduates can be employed as Dietician in schools, preschool education institutions, colleges and universities, research institutes, hospital nutrition departments, various levels of CDC, community health service centers and health management organizations, for the health supervision, food and drug administration, etc.

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