Medical Program in China - Foot Reflexology Massage

 1. Introduction

Foot Reflexology Massage is a way to massage the soles of the feet, is a part of traditional medicine, and belongs to the treatment method with the same principle of treatment as "acupuncture", which belongs to the traditional medicine.

2. Physiological Principle

Foot reflexology massage is in accordance with the principle of stimulating points, to realize treatment.

Foot reflexology massage is to massage the diseased organs or glands of the reflex zone with the principle of stimulating, so that it can restore the original function, to achieve the treatment effect, to maintain health. It is a traditional medical method of third medicine.

Our body eliminates body waste and toxins by metabolism, the lymph systems scatting throughout the body, kidney, small intestine and skin, are the main organs rule out metabolic waste, if these organs are in dysfunction, the body wastes and toxins cannot be excluded, the body will be naturally unhealthy.

Foot reflexology massage can significantly stimulate the various parts of the reflection area, so that the blood circulation flow, excludes the accumulation of waste and toxins in the body, which can make the normal operation of the metabolic function, and ultimately achieve the treatment effect.

3. Massage Equipment

Self service pebble sole massage exercise pad

Principle of foot massage pad

Chinese medicine thinks that: human organs have corresponding projection in the foot, the soles of the feet have more than 60 points, often massage these points, can promote human blood running, link the upper and lower, balance Yin and Yang, dilate blood vessels, warm viscera to achieve the role of disease prevention and health care.

Suitable people and diseases

1). Middle aged and elderly people

2). People often sitting at work or study



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