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Since reform and opening up, China has made great improvement in medical education and clinical medicine. More and more foreigners study medicine in China's medical schools, and have obtained medical diplomas and degrees. Incomplete statistics show that so far more than 50 medical schools throughout the country have cultivated thousands of medical students, among whom the number of foreign students majoring in Chinese medicine exceeds 4,000. After these foreign students back home, they practice medicine with excellence and serve the local residents with warm heart. They are highly praised for solving dangers and difficulties for patients, which also wins reputation for China’s medical education and clinical technology.

In order to meet the requirement of a growing number of foreigners studying and practicing medicine in China, and to promote foreign exchanges and cooperation in medicine and health at the same time, “Notice on foreigners applying for doctors' qualification examination of the People's Republic of China after obtaining China’s medical degrees" was introduced in 2011, which makes Chinese physician qualification examination open to foreigners. From 2002, qualified foreigners with requirements of the “Notice” can apply for Medical Licensing Examination. At present, the number of foreign physicians practicing in China keeps increasing and the whole is in good condition.
To practice medicine in China, foreign physicians should conform to China’s relevant employment provisions for foreigners. Foreigners can be invited and employed by China’s medical institutions qualified with independent legal person. Foreigners should acquire work visa issued by Chinese Exit and Entry Administration Department. It is forbidden for foreigners to practice medicine individually in China.
1. Qualification Requirements of Employment:
(1). Foreigners who have acquired medical degrees in China:
Foreigners and residents of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao can become formal Chinese physicians after obtaining the qualification for practicing doctors of P. R China and finishing physicians registration. Then how to obtain this qualification for practicing doctors? Foreigners can apply to his university for internship after acquiring Chinese full-time medical bachelor degree or above, which is recognized by the educational administrative department of the Chinese government, and complete one-year uninterrupted internship in the designated institutions. Then foreigners and residents of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao can apply for Medical Licensing Examination. After acquiring the admission ticket, they can participate in this qualification examination and will be conferred the qualification for practicing doctors of P. R China after passing the examination. 
Foreigners can apply for three categories of the examination for Chinese doctors' qualification: Clinical, Chinese medicine and Stomatology.
 (2). Foreign doctors who have obtained the legal right to practice medicine in other countries or regions:
“Foreign physicians practicing certificate” is required for foreign doctors to practice medicine in China after the examination and registration.“Foreign physicians practicing certificate” is printed exclusively by the Ministry of Health.
Qualified foreign physicians will be awarded “Foreign Doctor’s Qualification Certificate”. After obtaining “Foreign Doctor’s Qualification Certificate”, if foreign doctors have not applied this certificate to practice in two years, or it has been 2 years since last practice, they have to get back into the examination for foreign doctor practicing medicine in China if they apply for practicing once again.
2. Employment Procedure:
After obtaining “Foreign Doctor’s Qualification Certificate”, if foreign doctors plan to practice medicine in a medical institution, they should apply for registration in the Health Administrative Department which is in charge of practice registration of this medical institution and submit the following materials:
 (1). Audit table of foreign doctors’ application for practice registration;
 (2). Applicant's valid identity certificate;
 (3). Two recent frontal bareheaded half–length passport-size color photos;
 (4). “Foreign Doctor’s Qualification Certificate”;
 (5). Work visa issued by Chinese Exit and Entry Administration Department;
 (6). Valid foreign medical license or certificate of practicing right;
 (7).Signed agreement, including engage time and legal liability, by medical institutions and foreign doctors;
 (8). Physical examination certificate within 3 months provided by the designated medical institution by the department in charge of registration;
(9). No criminal record certificate;
 (10).Other materials prescribed by the Health Administrative Department of the provincial government;
 (11). Entrustment agreement (If medical institutions handle registration procedures for foreign doctors).
3. Why practice medicine in China?
(1).Medical Licensing Examination in China has been available for foreigners. Foreigners can become formal Chinese physicians after passing the examination, obtaining the qualification for practicing doctors of P. R China and finishing physicians registration.
(2).With the opening up of the medical market after China's accession to the WTO and the further development of the medical reform, China has opened the door to foreign-capital hospitals, which promotes more and more foreign doctors to practice medicine in China.
(3).With the development of economy, China has made great improvement in medical education and clinical medicine. China’s medical technology has reached the world’s advanced level.
 (4).China will become the world's largest economy by 2020 with the rapid economic development.
(5).The medical market is of broad prospect in China, it is predicted that by 2020, China's medical market will become the largest one in the world.
(6).It can accumulate rich experience to practice medicine in China and constantly improve medical skills. The rich resources of cases and diseases, determined by China's huge population base, lay a good foundation for the practice experience. 
 (7). At present, China’s market has a big demand for medical talents with the popularization of Chinese medical resources and the improvement in medical services. So doctors have broad prospects and considerable economic income in China. Besides, doctors are in the middle and upper class in Chinese society with relatively stable and respected job. 
Why Chinese hospitals employ foreign doctors?
(1). "Notice about carrying out the pilot work of the establishment of wholly foreign-owned hospitals" issued in 2014 shows China’s attention and policy support in foreign-capital hospitals and foreign physicians.
(2).It can meet foreigners’ medical needs and increase economic benefit of hospitals to employ foreign doctors, set up the international clinic and provide foreigners health care services, which can liberate foreigners from worries. With the deepening internationalization of China, medical needs resulted from foreigners pouring in China are growing, among whom including for travelling, working and settling down. 
(3).Advanced management ideas and methods abroad will be introduced along with foreign doctors. At present, China is deepening medical reform, so advanced management ideas and methods are needed to improve the management ideas and methods of domestic hospitals.
(4).Foreign doctors can bring advanced medical technology, which is good news to current difficult miscellaneous diseases. What’s more, the advanced medical technology can promote the advancement in the technology of domestic hospitals, which will also promote exchanges and cooperation in medicine and health at home and abroad.
(5).Foreign doctors can provide high-quality medical services for patients by reservation and full communication with patients.
(6).For domestic patients, the high cost of travelling long for experts abroad can be avoided if foreign doctors are introduced.
(7).It can promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign hospitals to introduce foreign doctors, which will promote the internationalization of domestic hospitals.

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