Medical Degree Program in China - Geriatrics

1. Introduction

Geriatrics is not only a branch of gerontology, but also a part of medical science. Gerontology consists of geriatrics (or medical gerontology), biological gerontology, psychology of gerontology and social science of gerontology, geriatric medicine is a new branch of clinical medicine. It not only studies senile disease, but also involves the basic theory of human aging and research geriatrics education.

2. Subject Scope

Geriatrics includes a wide range; there are geriatric basic medicine, geriatric clinical medicine, geriatric epidemiology, geriatric preventive medicine (including the elderly care) and geriatric social medicine, etc. Geriatric basic medicine mainly studies aging changes of morphology, physiological and biochemical immune of elderly human body, to explore the mechanism of aging and anti-aging methods.

Geriatric clinical medicine mainly studies the etiology, pathology and clinical characteristics of common diseases and frequently occurring disease in the elderly, and finds effective treatment and prevention and treatment methods, including the elderly care and rehabilitation.

Geriatric epidemiology: Analyze the health status of the elderly through the survey, providing scientific basis for the effect of various common diseases and frequently occurring disease distribution and the elderly death of heredity, environment, life, health and psychological factors of aging and age-related diseases, for the elderly to prevent and cure diseases and health care, including the investigation and research of longevity area.

Geriatric preventive medicine studies how to prevent the elderly disease; the elderly health care work is to try to keep the normal function of each organ of the elderly through various efforts, to maintain the health of the elderly. The two closely related to key in measures of anti-aging research, popularization of health knowledge, to have been suffering from the disease, even if a cure is not to seek to reduce the disability. Many elderly patients are middle-aged sick continued, and sickly middle-aged rare healthy elderly, so prevention of elderly and geriatric medicine health research should be related to the health of middle-aged disease and middle-aged.

Geriatric social medicine is to explore geriatric medicine from the social point of view, according to management science, statistics, epidemiology, sociology and other scientific methods and results to study the environmental impact on the health of the elderly, and also involve in elderly patients with a variety of health care and welfare.

3. Task

1). Basic Medicine

2). Epidemiology

3). Preventive medicine

4). Establish a good environment to guarantee the environment of life quality

5). Carry out the publicity and education of health knowledge; spread the technology of rehabilitation medicine and nursing.

4. Disease Characters

Senile disease refers to the disease of the elderly over 60 years old, is not unique to the elderly.

1) Symptoms and signs are not typical

2) Multidisease

3) Short course of disease

4) Easy to have conscious obstacle

5) It is easy to cause the disorder of water electrolysis

6) The body prone to systemic failure

7) Prone to have complications of the sequelae

8) The pathological psychology features

5. Discipline Scope and Main Courses

1). the research scope: the cause, rules, characteristics of aging and anti-aging countermeasures, (such as the coexistence of multi system disease and multiple organ failure, etc.) characteristics of elderly people pathological changes and disease diagnosis and treatment, the health of the elderly comprehensive evaluation, including the organ function, spiritual intelligence and quality of life.

2). the curriculum: basic theory courses: physiology, pathology, biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, nutrition, molecular biology, health statistics, social medicine, electronics and computer technology, literature retrieval.

Professional courses: internal medicine, surgery, oncology, neurology, rehabilitation medicine, medical imaging etc.

The main related subjects of geriatrics: internal medicine, surgery, oncology, neurology, rehabilitation medicine, social medicine.


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