Guang'an Vocational and Technical College

Why Study at Guang'an Vocational and Technical College, China

Brief Introduction

Guang'an Vocational and Technical College is supervised by Guang’an government and one of the demonstration vocational institutes in Sichuan province. It is located in a famous tourism city, Guang’an, which is the hometown of Deng Xiaoping, National Civilized City, Natioal Forest City, and National Healthy City. 
Guang'an Vocational and Technical College with a long history of running the school, started in 1906. Its predecessor was  Sichuan Yuechi Normal College. The prototype of character “Old Woman with Double Guns”in legendary novel “Red Rock” were Chen Lianshi and Deng Huizhong, both of them graduated from here. In 2004, approved by Sichuan provincial government, it upgraded as Guang'an Vocational Technical College. In 2017, it is elected  in the “Sichuan Province Excellent Higher Vocational Institutes Construction Project”.
2. Discipline and Programs
Guang'an Vocational and Technical College covers an area of 331 acres in four campuses(Binjiang, Wansheng, Yuechi, Qianeng) for setting 8 colleges and departments, together with 12000 full-time students and  46 diploma programs, in which have 2 provincial key disciplines(Chinese education and Accounting) and 3 provincial demonstration disciplines(Pre-school Education, Architectural Engineering Technology and Tourism Management)
3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research
Guang'an Vocational and Technical College has an ample education facilities for improving development. There is a collection of over 360,000 paper books, 500,000 e-books and the teaching instruments valuing around 80 million yuan. To promote the technical skills development, it built the national technical talents training base, Sichuan province higher technical talents training base, and had 4 experimental practice bases in architectural engineering technology, applied chemical engineering technology, automobile application and maintenance and advertisement design and production. At present, there are 500 more faculty, including 128 professors, and 163 lecturers with PhD and Master degrees. 
4.Great Achievement
Guang'an Vocational and Technical College is committed to developing and  improving the quality of talents. In recent three years, many students achieved 80 more national and provincial technical honors. The graduates are welcomed in job market with a high satisfaction, the employment rate reached 95% in recent three years. In 2013, it awarded the honor of Excellent Education Institute for General Higher College Graduates Employment in Sichuan province. In total, there are 30000 more talents and professionals trained and educated for social development.
5. Communication and International Cooperation
Guang'an Vocational and Technical College runs the opening policy for developing international education. It has been active in carrying on international exchange and cooperation and has maintained friendly relationships with foreign universities, such as University of Gävle, Dongguk University, Baikal State University of Economics and Law, etc. Every year excellent domestic students will be sent abroad to study further, which will broaden their visual fields. Meanwhile. Many international students pursue their professional study here every year.
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