Guangzhou Univeristy

Programs in Guangzhou University, China

1. Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs: 

 - Duration: 4 years
Details please read at Bachelor Degree Programs
(1) Architecture and Urban Planning
(2) Business 
(3) Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
(4) Civil Engineering
(5) Computer Science & Education Software
(6) Economic and Statistics
(7) Education
(8) Environmental Science and Engineering
(9) Geographic Sciences
(11)Journalism and Communication
(13)Life science
(14)Mathematics and Information Sciences
(15)Mechanical and Electric Engineering
(16)Music and Dance
(17)Physics and Electronic Engineering
(18)Politics and Civic Education
(19)Public Administration
(20)Tourism (Sino-French、Tourism)
2.Master Degree/Graduate programs:
-Duration:3 years
Details please read at Master Degree Programs
(1)Engineering Mechanics
(2)Applied Economics
(4)Information and Communication Engineering
(5)Cyberspace Security
(7)Landscape Architecture
(8)Business Administration 
(9)Tourism Management
(10)Art (Lingnan Traditional Arts and Crafts)
(11)Art (Oil Painting)
(12)Art Design
(13)Fine Arts
(14)Design Science
(15)Studies on Theater Film & TV
(18)Musicology and Dancology
(19)Architectural and Civil Engineering (Architectural and Civil Engineering)
(20)Architectural and Civil Engineering
(21)Architectural and Civil Engineering (Heat Supply Engineering) 
(22)Architectural and Civil Engineering (Municipal Engineering)
(23)Architectural and Civil Engineering (Regional Planning)
(25)Civil Engineering (Municipal Engineering)
(26)Civil Engineering
(27)Electronics and Communicational Engineering (for in-service students)
(28)Electronics and Communicational Engineering
(29)Civil Engineering (Heating Gas Supply Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering)
(30)Electronics Science and Technology
(31)Engineering Mechanics
(32)Environmental Engineering (for in-service students)
(33)Environmental Engineering
(34)Environmental Science and Engineering
(35)Industrial Design (Part-time)
(36)Industrial Design
(37)Mechanical Engineering (2012 for in-service students) 
(38)Mechanical Engineering (for part-time students)
(39)Mechanical Engineering
(40)Project Management (for in-service students)
(41)Project Management
3.Doctor’s Degree/ doctoral programs:
Duration: 3 years
Details please read at  Doctor’s Degree Programs
(1)Civil Engeering
(4)Cyberspace Security 
(5)Business Administration 
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