Guizhou Institute of Technology

Why Study at Guizhou Institute of Technology, China

Guizhou Institute of Technology is a provincial university approved by the Ministry of Education of the PRC, which is molded into a polytechnic institute focused on engineering to invigorate Guizhou Province's industry and urbanization proposed by the Guizhou Government. Guizhou Institute of Technology started admitting students from 2013. currently with a scale of 11500 full-time undergraduate students.

(1) Campus Overview

Covering an area of 866.7 acres, Guizhou Institute of Technology is located in the Forest City Guiyang, the summer resort in southwest of China. At present, the building area occupies 274,000 square meters. With the total value of teaching and research equipment reaching 128.2 million RMB, the university has 688,826 books, 15 digital databases, 48 workshops both outside and inside the university, and 2 indoor gyms.

Guizhou Institute of Technology now has 749 faculty members, 142 of which hold a doctoral degree, 375 of which hold a master's degree, and 260 of which are professors. Up to now, Guizhou Institute of Technology has established an energetic professional faculty of outstanding quality that is suited to the needs of its students.

(2) Discipline and programs

Guizhou Institute of Technology has 16 schools and 19 undergraduate programs. The Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration, Management Science and Engineering, and Computer Application Technology are three key disciplines supported by the Guizhou Province.

For international students, Guizhou Institute of Technology provides many bachelor degree programs in Chinese medium, such as Resource exploration engineering, Environmental engineering, Machine design and manufacture and automation, Electrical engineering and automation, Civil engineering, Water conservancy and hydropower engineering, Chemical engineering and technology, etc.

(3) Scientific Research

Guizhou Institute of Technology is vigorously implementing the strategy of developing the university through science. It has established four scientific research platforms of provincial level, including The Collaborative Innovation Center of Special Function Materials of Guizhou Province 2011, The Academician Workstation of Guizhou Institute of Technology, Guizhou Industrial Development Research Center and The Key Laboratory of Electric Big Data. The Engineering Training Center of Guizhou Institute of Technology has been classified as the Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. Guizhou Provincial Education Department has approved the building of “Key Laboratory of Phosphorite Resource Clean and Efficient Utilization of Guizhou Regular Institutions of Higher Education”, “Agricultural Big Data Research Center of Guizhou Regular Institutions of Higher Education”, “Innovation Team of Intelligent Optimization and Data Mining of Guizhou Regular Institutions of Higher Education”and “Innovation Team of Concealed Deposit Exploration of Guizhou Regular Institutions of Higher Education”. Besides, Guizhou Provincial Department of Science and Technology has approved the building of “Innovation Team of Aeronautical Light Metallic Materials and Welding Technology”. In addition, it has founded 23 university-level research institutes, 8 scientific research laboratories and engineering research centers.

(4) Communication and international cooperation

International academic exchange is another area to which the institute has attached great importance. So far, Guizhou Institute of Technology have established relationship on exchange and cooperation with more than 20 universities and institutions in United States, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, and New Zealand, etc. Currently, there are many international students from different countries enrolled at Guizhou Institute of Technology.



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