Hankou University

Why Study at Hankou University, China

Brief Introduction

Hankou University is an integrated university covering 6 discipline categories in economics, laws, arts, literature, engineering and management. It is also one of the four earliest independent colleges in China. Over 10 years development, it forms a complete higher education system which contains the cultivation in postgraduate, undergraduate, diploma, continuing education, vocational education and international cooperation. Furthermore, it takes the leading position in recruitment, graduates employment rate and internationalization. Even it ranks top 20 in the similar universities for five years consecutively.  

1. History

Hankou University in Wuhan, Hubei, traces its origin to 2000, when it established as the Central China Normal University- Hankou. In 2011, approved by Ministry of Education, it was formalized with a name change to Hankou University, which is one of the first tier general universities changed from independent colleges. Therefore, oversaw it of a small college into a complex university as it opened in 2011, it changes again to meet chaning conditions for the future development.

2. Discipline and Programs

Hankou University enrolls approximately 20,000 full-time students representing almost every province and many foreign countries. There are 14 colleges and departments including 6 discipline categories in economics, laws, arts, literature, engineering and management, offering 33 undergraduate programs, 15 diploma programs. The curriculum has expanded to include five studies in general education, specialized basic education, specialized characteristic education, teachers education and interdisciplinary general courses. At present, there are 2 provincial excellent courses, and 2 provincial key development undergraduate programs. Under the academic year’s credit system management, it will promote students’ self-study and rounded development. 

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

Hankou University believes that teaching and research go hand in hand—that success in one depends on success in the other—and that a modern university must do both well. It has been equipped with 70 more professional labs, total value of 50 million teaching facilities, 1850 prepared experimental projects. The library has a collection of over 1.2 million books, 1600 journals, 5200 GB E-books, and many databases. Meanwhile, it has a strong teaching team for students. There are 600 more professional teachers, including 1 academician, 70 professors, 190 associate professors, and in which approximately 68% teachers hold master and doctor degrees. Also, it employs many famous professors as the distinguished professors for the academic and research education.   

4. Great Achievement

Hankou University makes a positive social contribution through scientific researches, academic education, and entrepreneurship education. Nearly 94.7% teachers participated in the scientific researches. The amount of published academic articles and finished scientific researches projects ranks in the top level of Hubei province. In 2013, The Collaborative Innovation Center of Process Control and Advanced Equipment Manufacture headquartered in Hankou University. At present, there are 6 patents from the center. In the academic education, the quality ranks top level in Hubei province. In the recent five years, students won over 2000 prizes in many important domestic or international competitions, such as “Challenge Cup”, Mathematical Modeling Competition, etc.. What’s more, there is a blowout burning in campus cultural activities and groups, even the Rising Sun Chorus awarded the top prizes in 7th Italy Riwa International Chorus Festival. In the entrepreneurship education, it also keeps a leading position in China.There is a strong atmosphere for students to start their business, it is even called as “Training Base for Entrepreneurial Talents”. In 2011, it established the first entrepreneurship education college in Hubei province’s universities, and then trained many excellent entrepreneurial’ models. In 2015, the college cooperated with hundreds of enterprises and universities to build the Wuhan Young Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce, which was aim at creating a platform for young startup to communicate and cooperation. Additionally, Huachen College Students Business Incubator created many professional instructions and services. Now, it plans to incubate 30 companies every year and support 5-10 companies to obtain the risk investment and angel investment in 3 years, 1-2 S&T medium-sized companies in 5 five years.

5. Communication and International Cooperation

Hankou University believed that sharing knowledge and discoveries would help make the world a better place. Since from 2007, it has made a great progress in international communication and cooperation. As one of the earliest universities admitting international students in Hubei province, it ranked top level in Hubei province for the sino-foreign joint programs and the amount of its admitted students. There are dozens of foreign universities cooperated with Hankou University to build the “2+2” and “2+3” joint programs. And the European Overseas Office even headquartered in Paris, offering one-stop service for domestic and European students to study abroad.


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