Medical Degree Program in China - Health and Social Behaviors


Health behavior refers to a variety of human activities in order to enhance physical fitness and maintain physical and mental health. Such as adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, exercise, etc.. Health behavior is not only able to enhance physical fitness, maintain a good mental health behavior, psychological factors and prevention of various diseases, but also because it can help people develop healthy habits. Because of the disease, common disease occurrence and behavioral factors and psychological factors related and the occurrence and development of various diseases can be find the correlation behavior, psychological factors and prevention of disease through change people's bad behavior, bad habits, to develop healthy habits. Therefore, health behavior is the key to ensure the health and disease prevention.
Health should include four levels:
Physical health, mental health; ethics health and social adaptation health
Social Behavior refers to that different members of the group cooperation jointly maintain community life behavior.
The obvious characteristics of the social behavior
1. The formation of a certain organization 
2. The organization has a clear division of labor
3. There is a clear hierarchy

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