Medical Degree Program in China - Health Economics

1. Introduction

Health Economics is the discipline studying the interdependent relationship between the health services, people's health and social and economic development, economic relations in the health field and reasonable use of economic resources to discover the scope, form and characteristics of economic law effect within the field of health.
2. Application Areas
Health economics is the application of a variety of economic subjects in the field of health, has a close relationship with medicine, hygiene, demography, sociology. Health economics produces a number of branches in the development process, including health economics, health economics, health planning economics, health technology economics, hospital economic management, medical economics, etc.
3. Content
Health economics is an emerging branch of economics; the emergence and development are closely related to social politics, economy, population, health and other aspects. With the development of society, health economics plays an more and more important role in modern society, it can guide the government to formulate scientific and effective health policy, guide medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises to formulate scientific management strategy, guide consumers to select the correct consumption behavior. The main content includes the demand of health service, health service supply, price of health service, health service market, medicine circulation system and drug price management mechanism, total health expenditure, medical security system construction, the optimal allocation of health resources, medical institutions cost analysis and audit, analysis of economic burden of disease and health investment, health economic analysis and evaluation method.

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