Medical Degree Program in China - Health Inspection and Quarantine

 1. Introduction

Health Inspection and Quarantine cultivates advanced technology application-oriented specialists with the basic knowledge and operational skills of preventive medicine, health physical and chemical testing and biological testing and other aspects. Health inspection and quarantine trains application-oriented professionals with a strong foundation of natural science who can be engaged in disease prevention and control center, health inspection center, environmental health monitoring department, agency for food hygiene monitoring, inspection and quarantine agencies, quality supervision institution, hospital clinical laboratory and cosmetics industry etc., equipped with the basic theory knowledge and skills of health inspection and quarantine, preventive medicine, with practice ability, innovation ability and development potential.

2. Main Courses

Computer, sanitary chemistry, instrumental analysis, clinical laboratory science foundation, immunology and clinical immunology test, parasites and test and physicochemical analysis of air, water physical and chemical inspection, food physical and chemical examination, physical and chemical inspection, health inspection and quarantine, sanitary microbiology and inspection, virology and inspection, and bacteriology test, molecular biology and test, biochemistry and clinical biochemistry, epidemiology, medical statistics, basic toxicology, diagnosis, internal medicine, etc.

3. Training requirements

Health inspection and quarantine students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of health inspection and quarantine, receiving the basic training of health inspection and quarantine, to have the basic ability of health inspection and quarantine.

4. Practice Teaching

Including internship in the health and epidemic prevention station, rotation in the quarantine department, graduation practice and so on

5. Knowledge and Ability

1). Master the basic theoretical knowledge and experimental skills of the basic health inspection and quarantine;

2). Master the basic skills of health inspection and quarantine;

3). Be with the initial capacity of health inspection and quarantine;

4). Be with the basic knowledge of health inspection and quarantine and general operating skills;

5). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query.

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates are generally engaged in center for disease control and prevention, the hospital inspection department, entry and exit inspection and quarantine institutions, food and drug supervision, supervision of quality of agricultural products, health departments, customs, cosmetics company, water plant, the environmental protection department, quality supervision department, medical equipment sales, the third inspection company.

Specifically, mainly include the following:

(1) centers for disease prevention and control: health inspection (department) centers at various levels of disease control and prevention centers, mainly for health, physical and chemical testing, microbiological testing and clinical laboratory positions, etc.

(2) food and drug safety supervision and management: food inspection and management positions at food and drug inspection center of various levels of food and drug supervision and management units;

(3) the entry exit inspection and quarantine institutions: engineer or management position of health inspection and quarantine, animal and plant inspection and food inspection positions at various levels of entry exit inspection and quarantine institutions;

(4) testing center of agricultural products quality monitoring department;

(5) independent inspection and testing service agencies: field sampling analysis engineer and occupational health assessment position.


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