Medical Degree Program in China - Health Management

 1. Introduction

Health Management studies and analyzes health services by means of theoretical knowledge and methods of management, to reveal the regularity of health management activities and makes great efforts for guiding health practice. Health management is committed to training senior personnel in public health who understand the basic trend of health development and the basic rules of medicine, with a wide range of social medicine knowledge, master the modern management and health management theory, methods and skills, and are able to use the knowledge to analyze the practical problems.
2. Main Courses
Medical mathematics, computer, basic medicine, clinical medicine, prevention medicine, management, management psychology, health economics and health statistics and epidemiology, hospital management, health service management, operations research and medical sociology, etc.
3. Employment Prospects
Graduates can be engaged in the prevention, supervision and health care and management of health and epidemic prevention, health monitoring, health care institutions, family planning service organization and the administrative department of health, or engaged in teaching and research work in medical colleges and scientific research institutes; or engaged in the prevention and treatment of disease and the clinical medical work at hospitals of various levels.

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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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