Medical Degree Program in China - Health Statistics

 1. Introduction

Statistics is a subject studying data collection, collation and analysis, an important means to help people analyze the occupied information, to discard the false and retain the true, to discard the dross and select the essential, to correctly understand the world. Health statistics is a discipline that studies the health status of residents and the collection, collation and analysis of data in the field of health services by application of the principles and methods of mathematical statistics.
2. Content of Health Statistics
1) Health Statistics
Medical population statistics, disease statistics and growth and development statistics, etc
2) Health service statistics
Including the use of health resources, medical and health services needs, health care reform and other statistical problems
3. Notice about Learning Health Statistics
1) Correctly and comprehensively understand some of the basic concepts and basic ideas of Statistics
2) To dilute the cumbersome and complex calculation
3) Combining with practice and diligent in practice

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