Hebei GEO University

Why Study at Hebei GEO University, China

Hebei GEO University (HGU) is situated in the city of Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province. The school previously named Shijiazhuang University of Economics, and it is one of the five univeristies affiliated to the Ministry of Geology, and is now co-sponsored by the Ministry of Land and Resources and Hebei province. At the beginning of its establishment, the university is nationally well-known for the interdisciplinary feature of geology and economic management. Its honorary president is Li Tingdong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. With an area of 2321 mu, the university now has 18,000 full-time students and 912 full-time teachers.

(1) History 
Hebei GEO University (HGU) was built originally in 1953 by Li Siguang and He Changgong, the location of the ancient city Huanhua established geological school of Xuanhua Geological department of the Central People’s Gvernment. It was renamed as Geology department xuanhua geological school in 1955, and then it was renamed Hebei institute of geology in 1971. In June 1985, campus address was changed from xuanhua to Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital of hebei. In May 1996, renamed Shijiazhuang university of economics. Until March 2016, determine the name as Hebei GEO University. In the next year, the university was designated by hebei province as a construction unit for doctor’s degree. 
(2) Discipline and programs
To date Hebei GEO University has 15 schools and at present, HGU covers 7 discipline fields, i.e., science, engineering, management, economics, law, literature, and art, and owns 53 undergraduate programs, among which there are 4 national characteristic programs, 4 national and provincial comprehensive reform pilot programs, 4 undergraduate education innovation highlands of Hebei Province, and 8 brand featured programs of Hebei Province universities. Besides, school has five professional master’s degree authorization domain in Geological engineering, Business adminiatration (MBA), Accounting (MPACC), Finance and Art. 
(3) Academic facilities and Scientific research 
Hebei GEO University is an ideal place for learning, research and practice with the following resources and infrastructure: a library holding 1.5 million books, over 1400 different journals in paper, and 190,000 electronic books; 2 national experimental teaching demonstration centers of geosciences and economic management, 5 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers of water resource environment, jewelry and mineral processing, etc., and 104 practice and training bases of various levels;Earth ScienceMuseum and Numismatic Museum. TheEarth ScienceMuseum is thepopular science education base and quality education base of China, Hebei, and Shijiazhuang. Currently, HGU is engaged in deepening the cultivation mode and curriculum and teaching reform, strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship education, and encouraging students to develop competence of autonomous learning and scientific research. 
(4) Hebei GEO University Achievement
In the past five years, HGU has made great achievements in teaching and research: 1 national science and technology progress award and 4 national teaching achievement awards; 9 provincial key disciplines and provincial key development disciplines; 6 provincial/ministry-level research bases, such as Hebei Province Mineral Resources Strategy and Management Research Base, Hebei Province Water Resources Sustainable Utilization and Industrial Structure Optimization Collaborative Innovation Center; over 130 specialized laboratories on sustainable utilization and development of water resources, photoelectric information and earth exploration technology, etc. In recent years, the employment rate of postgraduate students has reached 100%, and the employment rate of undergraduate students is above 95%.
(5) Communication and international cooperation
HGU has established long time cooperation relationship with more than 20 internationally well known universities and research institutions, including Moscow National university of geological exploration, Northern Arizona University, Swansea University. It has conducted scientific  research cooperation with more than 20 universities in UK, USA, Canada, German, Russia, French, Korea and some other countries. Successfully held the eighth, thirteenth, sixteenth, eighteenth Kailuolin International Geological Conference; the first International Conference on innovation and entrepreneurship; the tenth International Conference on knowlwdge globalization.
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