Hebei Institute of International Business and Economics

Why Study at Hebei Institute of International Business and Economics, China

Hebei Institute of International Business and Economics is a public institution providing a high quality education, with a strong emphasis on foreign languages instruction, professional skills, employment and careers.

(1) History and Campus Overview

Hebei Institute of International Business and Economics has a history of over 100 years and traces its origins back to 1906 when it was known as the Funing Teachers School. It weathered the storms and bumpy roads of the 20th century, and then in the year 2002, it leapt from being a teaching school, to become a vocational college of foreign languages.

The school is located on 35 hectares of land and has idyllic surroundings, with the Daihe River bordering the school to the north, and the Bohai Sea lying to the south. In order to meet the demands of an ever-increasing number of students, the college is in the middle of expanding. When finished, the college buildings will occupy an area of 180,000 square meters.

(2) Teaching faculty

Hebei Institute of International Business and Economics boasts a strong teaching faculty. These years, a series of fruitful programs have been launched, such as Teacher’s Virtue Education, Rookie Teacher Training Project and Core Teacher Training Project, thus a lofty-in-virtue-and-expert-in-profession teaching team headed by leading teachers forming. Now, among over 300 teachers, more than 100 have obtained the highest professional title and another 120 have obtained dual-qualification certificates. The teachers with the doctor’s degree or master’s degree have accounted for 40%. Besides, over 50 guest professors and 20 foreign teachers have been employed. At present, teachers’ professional titles and major distribution are reasonable and teaching structure is orderly, which inject infinite vigor and vitality to the college development.

(3) Academic research and innovation

Hebei Institute of International Business and Economics has been adhering to improving teaching quality, deepening teaching reform, strengthening teaching management, and bettering teaching evaluation system. Key projects have been implemented: “6 + 1 Project” and “Three -Theme Teaching Year”, that is, “Standard Management Year”, “Education Quality Year”, and “Reform and Innovation Year”. In the meantime, the college has focused on model courses constructions; thoroughly pushed forwards constructions of all courses; positively constituted curriculum system under the principle “vocational skills are the foundation, practical teaching the main line, courses the body”. Now, the college has developed 1 State-level model course, 5 province-level model courses, 30 college-level model courses, and 1 province-level model major — Business English.

Hebei Institute of International Business and Economics has attached much importance to improvement of academic research and innovation ability, and advocated teachers to explore in education. These years, teachers have totally published over 700 province-level academic papers, written or compiled over 100 textbooks and academic works, and accomplished over 20 province-level academic researches, among which, 5 were awarded “Third Prize” in Hebei Province. In 2005, Hebei Innovation Model Base settled here.

(4) Communication and international cooperation

Hebei Institute of International Business and Economics has proactively pursued international exchanges and co-operations and has signed college-to-college cooperation agreements with colleges from Kyrgyzstan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Korea, Germany, France, Japan, and Singapore etc. The International Exchange Center has become a bridge connecting each other, while student exchanges have widened the channel of studying abroad.



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