Hebei University of Science and Technology

Why Study at Hebei University of Science and Technology, China

Hebei University of Science and Technology is located in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province, which is the center of politics, economy, technology, finance, culture and information in Hebei province. Shijiazhuang is the transportation hub of Chinese rail-way and superhighway, only 280KM south to Beijing, the capital city of P.R.C., so the transportation is very convenient. There are many humanity landscapes and natural sceneries around the city, and Chinese mandarin is the normal communication language in the city. With the excellent language learning environment of normal Chinese mandarin, the comfortable study environment, the outstanding staffs and the normative management system, the Chinese and relevant majors’ study can be guaranteed.
1. History 
Hebei University of Science and Technology was founded in 1996 by incorporating former Hebei Institute of Chemical Technology and Light Industry, Hebei Institute of Mechano-Electric Engineering and Hebei Textile Staff & Workers University. It is one of the key multidiscipline universities of Hebei and the demonstration school of College English Teaching Reform of the Ministry of Education. Hebei University of Science and Technology covers an area of 1,653,000 square meters, of which 853,000 sq.m is the building section, graceful and comfortable campus surroundings, advanced equipments and perfect teaching effect.
2. Discipline and programs 
Hebei University of Science and Technology is a provincial whole with the 9 disciplines --- engineering, sciences, arts, economics, management, law, medicine, education and fine art. At present, the university has 18 colleges, 63 specialties for undergraduates and 93 disciplines with the right to award MA (16 authorized fields for Engineer Master). The university now has 2461 staff members, including 669 professors and associate professors, 16 doctoral advisers and 380 MA tutors. And it has a total enrollment of 16,427 full-time undergraduates and associate-degree students, postgraduates and foreign students, and 9,235 students for continuing education. The university was awarded excellent marks in the Undergraduate Teaching Quality Assessment of the Ministry of Education for 2007. Under the flagship of -“Focus on man’s all-around development and serve local economy and social progress”, the whole university has been upholdinging the spirit of “Enterprise, Cooperation and Devotion” to strive to be a first-class local university.
3. Academic facilities and scientific research 
Hebei University of Science and Technology is one of the key and multi-disciplinary universities of Hebei Province. At present, the university has 18 schools, 72 programs for undergraduates and 93 masters programs. The university now has 669 professors and associate professors. It has a total enrolment of 30,000 of undergraduate, postgraduate students and international students.
4. Great achievements
Over the years, Hebei University of Science and Technology has received achievements in international education, especially in regards to the above average levels and qualifications of its students. International students also attended the Provincial Talent Contest for Foreigners several times and get rewards. Hebei University of Science and Technology also attaches great importance in their community, often organizing various types of charity events and activities that their foreign students can participate in. An international student from Cameroon is being rewarded as one of the ten “Touching Hebei”. Exemplary teachers and superior learning environments attract more and more international students to Hebei University of Science and Technology.
5. Communication and international cooperation 
Hebei University of Science and Technology has been promoting opening and the academic exchanges with the outside world and has established cooperation with 65 universities and scientific research organizations, such as: U.S.A., UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Holand, Singapore etc. The university has developed cooperation in such fields as: credit mutually admitted, students exchange cultivation, teachers exchange program, cooperation in scientific research and academic exchange, etc.
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