Medical Degree Program in China - Hepatology

 1. Introduction

Liver disease, is a subject related with many disciplines, such as infection, digestive medicine, hepatobiliary surgery, general surgery, the contents of its diagnosis and treatment involves both external and internal, having a wide range.
2. Common Diseases 
Main disease: hepatitis C virus hepatitis, hepatitis D virus, non alcohol fatty hepatitis, liver beans in hepatolenticular degeneration, liver neuroblastoma, liver abscess, hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatic encephalopathy, liver cirrhosis, influenza A virus hepatitis, alcohol liver disease, portal hypertension, viral hepatitis, hemochromatosis, drug-induced hepatitis, viral hepatitis, primary biliary hepatitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, poisoning of liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis.
3. Hepatology
Hepatology is a branch of medicine, a comprehensive research on treatment of organ diseases of the liver, gallbladder, biliary and pancreatic.

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Wenzhou Medical University

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